5 Activities to Start with Your Dog

Right now is the perfect time to be spending more quality time with your dog while venturing outside. No matter your dog’s age or breed, one or more of these activities should be a perfect way to explore new outdoor areas near your home. 

1. Obedience Training

Even if your dog is fairly trained, your dog can still greatly benefit from obedience training. Research online to see the available classes in your community. They have professionals who will be able to help your dog break bad habits or just exhibit better behavior in general. Oftentimes these professionals can help you in defense training for your dog or even show you how to register your dog as a service animal. If obedience training is out of your budget, you can also try training them yourself by utilizing online resources. It can be a great bonding experience that you and your dog can benefit from. 

2. Run, Swim, or Bike with Them

If you have not gone jogging or ran before with your dog, what is holding you back? It can be a healthy and fun activity for the both of you to enjoy frequently throughout the week. It gets both of you out of the house and gets your heart rate up. Running or biking with your dog might require dog sport gear in order for both of you to have an enjoyable time but they can easily be found online and will hold up in the elements. Life jackets for dogs are also available so your dog can play and be safe at a river, lake, or at the beach. No matter your budget and no matter the type of dog you have, there are affordable options out there for you. Your dog will feel comfortable, look great, and enjoy the activity with you.

3. Hike Nature Trails and Visit Parks

As you look to exercise with your dog, you should consider nature trails and parks in your community. And don’t forget that dog parks are growing in popularity. Upon arrival, you’ll see just why dogs and their owners love dog parks so much. Make sure to be prepared any time you two head out to the trails or a park. Take along plenty of water for your dog and bring plenty of their favorite snacks. Always be certain to not leave behind any trash as well. 

4. Road Trips

A road trip is a fun and easy way for the two of you to enjoy time together. You can pack some of their favorite toys and keep them within reach to ensure their comfort while in the vehicle. Just be certain you take everything your dog could need on the trek. Make sure you have current tags on your dog before taking off. Should your dog get separated from you, especially in unfamiliar territory, you want them to have dog tags that are current. Don’t forget to make sure your dog gets plenty of opportunities along the route to get out and stretch from their padded kennel. Your dog will be even more comfortable on the journey just being next to you.

5. International Travel

Don’t let having a pet deter you from making international travel plans! Of course, you could board your dog during your trip, but wouldn’t you have even more fun if you took your dog along with you? It is easier than you might think to travel internationally with them. Although not all airlines will permit your dog to travel, there are several travel providers that will allow your dog on your flight. Each airline differs with their rules and guidelines, so be sure to double check before committing to your trip! Be sure to double check your lodging allows animals as well. This will ensure that you both are prepared and ready to have fun together! 

Have More Fun with Your Dog

Each idea above is a fun activity you and your dog will enjoy while creating memories with your best furry friend. Start making plans today! You might want to even bookmark this page. That way you can quickly access this information in the future. Don’t forget to share this post with other dog lovers out there!

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