5 Emergency Resources to Leave the Babysitter

Parents want babysitters to be ready for anything that might happen while taking care of their children. One thing you have to leave your babysitter is important emergency resources for your peace of mind.

1. A Reliable Locksmith

One resource that is often overlooked by parents is a locksmith. A professional locksmith can ensure that your babysitter can gain access to your home if locked out.

Getting locked out happens to the best people out there, especially when there are children around who could be distracting. This is the reason it’s wise to leave the number of people you trust. It may take some time to go through a locksmith directory and talk to several experienced locksmiths, but it’s important. You need to find someone you’re comfortable with because this professional will be around your children. Of course, the sitter should call you first when something like this happens, but depending where you went, it could take a while for you to get back home.

2. Friends’ Names and Contact Info

As a parent, you probably left emergency contact information for the babysitter that includes your cellphones, location where you’ll be, and the contact information of close relatives.

Some parents forget about the number, name, and addresses of friends around their neighborhood. If your kids made friends, these children might drop by unannounced and stay at your home when you’re not there. Your babysitter needs to know the names of your kids’ friends and their home numbers so that he or she can check on things. If your children have friends over, your babysitter should be able to call their parents to confirm that staying at your home is okay. You could also let the sitter know that you don’t want any friends over if you don’t want anyone there while you’re gone.

3. Health Emergency Resources

You might have given the babysitter emergency information like the police department, fire department, nearest hospital, or the number of your doctor, and that’s a good start. Some parents forget to leave other key emergency resources, such as a copy of their kid’s health insurance card.

Hopefully, the babysitter won’t ever have to use this health insurance card, but this should be available at all times. On top of this, your babysitter will also need information about allergies. You want to leave behind a list of food your children can’t consume. Be sure to leave instructions concerning any devices for severe allergies, such as using an EpiPen. If your child is taking medication, leave behind instructions regarding that medication to make sure your child is safe.

4. Emergency Items in the Home

As important as medical information and the right numbers are, you should also make sure your babysitter knows about the emergency items he or she has in your home.

You want to show your babysitter where you keep the fire extinguisher. Your babysitter should also know where the first aid kit is and where you keep matches or flashlights should the power go out. Your first aid kit should be stocked with different sized bandages and ointments for various ailments. It may also be a good idea to tell your babysitter how to shut off the water, just in case there’s an emergency.

5. An Escape Route and Meeting Location

You should leave the babysitter your family escape plan and meeting location. Disasters come in many forms, and it can be difficult to predict these happenings. If your babysitter has to evacuate your home with your children, he or she should know where to go to meet up with you.

Depending on the type of disaster, you might not be able to contact your babysitter or children, which is something to keep in mind. You’ve probably talked to your children about where to go in case of an emergency, but your babysitter should have this information as well.

This information should help you leave the things your babysitter will need to keep your kids safe while you are away. You may want to consider talking to experienced babysitters to see if there are any other emergency resources you should leave behind.

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