Family-Friendly Areas to Consider Moving to

We all have an idea of the perfect place to live and raise a family. Maybe you would prefer a rustic setting in the northeast, and someone else would enjoy residing in a small city out on the west coast for their kids to grow up and thrive in. Whatever dream place you imagine, it really does exist here in the United States, and our livability experts have some wonderful options in family-friendly areas to move to.

Ann Arbor, Michigan

This popular city pops up on a number of Best Places To Raise A Family lists and includes the University of Michigan campus there. Ann Arbor is considered a well-educated city and a well-rounded community with a population of close to 122,000.

The city boasts a low crime rate, top-rated schools and lots of family activities. There are close to 160 parks in Ann Arbor to explore, great museums for kids and a warm sense of community there.

Fort Collins, Colorado

For many families, being outdoors surrounded by the beauty of nature is a fantastic atmosphere for raising your children in. Maybe that is why the city of Fort Collins gets high marks for its family-friendly vibe, according to Marketwatch analysts.

If plenty of sunshine is a prerequisite for moving, then you will appreciate this city because Fort Collins features an enviable 300 days of sunshine each year per average. Families can have fun hiking and biking by the gorgeous foothills of the Rocky Mountains. The city also runs a superb public transportation system.

Rockville, Maryland

For a number of families, living near a large city like Washington, D.C., is ideal because you have access to the hustle and bustle, but you also go home to a relaxed and quieter lifestyle where community spirit abounds.

According to Potomac real estate professionals, Rockville is a fine example of a safe city with excellent hospitals and healthcare providers.

Children would love the area for its lovely lawn at Town Square, museums, outdoor skating rink, aquarium and more.

The city is also 10 minutes away from Potomac, another family-friendly city.

Newton, Massachusetts

Picturesque New England is another region to consider when setting down family roots. The city of Newton is a beautiful area outside of Boston with highly-rated schools and lots of kid-approved activities.

There is swimming at Crystal Lake, canoeing in the famous Charles River and a downtown with an exceptional public library and a movie theater.

The city features a stable housing market and a strong job market, and when you need a little more excitement, Boston is a hop, skip and a jump away (7 miles west of the downtown) brimming with amazing walkability and famous landmarks to explore.

Irvine, California

Orange County is known for its stunning beaches and wealth and almost always perfect weather, and Irvine happens to be a top choice for raising a family there. First of all, the FBI considers Irvine to be the “Safest Big City” with a population of more than 282,000.

The area is ideal for education with highly-rated public schools, and the atmosphere is family-friendly. Kids will have a blast visiting museums and checking out the UCI space observatory. There are plenty of shopping sites and restaurants to enjoy the community ambiance and parks to run around in and the nearby Orange County Zoo to see some lions, tigers and bears!

Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

Talk about the ultimate in southern charm, the city of Mount Pleasant is full of warmth and community spirit. Many families are drawn to the area for its beautiful landscape and pretty neighborhoods, and others appreciate its excellent school system.

Mount Pleasant is a large suburban town with a low crime rate with some of the finest hospitals just minutes away. Nice, sunny, mild weather year-round allows families to be out and active.

Folks enjoy connecting with their community in boating and swimming, with visits to famous Waterfront Park, trips to a variety of museums and more.

We’re just scratching the surface here. If you look hard enough, you can find the ideal family-friendly area to consider moving to. Take your time because your options are fabulous and many.

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