5 Ways to Get Back in Shape after a Baby

Giving birth to a child is the most magical and rewarding experience, but comes with some undesired changes as well. You’ve been observing how your body changed throughout the last 9 months, and now the time finally comes for your little one to see the light of the day. But now when the baby is out, you feel as if there’s still something extra in your body – baby weight leftovers, bloating or maybe the infamous food baby? No worries, moms, you can have it both – a killer body and parenthood. Take a look at the tips we shared below and learn the best ways how to get back in shape after having a baby.

1. Give it timeGive it time

Although it may seem as if mom celebrities get their beach body in no time after pregnancy, this isn’t realistic, nor healthy. Experts are strictly against any rapid weight loss after pregnancy or heavy exercise programs. You need to remember that your body is in the phase of healing and you need to give it enough time to rest and restore normal processes. Take it slowly, day by day, and soon enough you’ll be ready to hit the gym and get your tiny waist and toned abs back.

2. Breastfeed

Besides the fact that it is beneficial for your child’s growth, breastfeeding also helps you shed some extra pounds you may have kept from the pregnancy. You can lose about 300-500 calories per day if you’re breastfeeding. However, do not confuse this for a quick and effective weight loss plan – on the contrary, it’s of crucial importance to maintain a healthy diet and eat extra calories during your breastfeeding period for both your and your child’s health. Get one of the amazing plus size maternity bras and start burning your calories while feeding your most precious one. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should give yourself a break and stuff your stomach with carbs just because you’re giving your milk away – a proper and balanced diet will help you be in control of your weight gain and loss.

3. Get enough sleeppexels-photo-271897

Babies do take plenty of your daytime, and even more of your nighttime. They have the strangest sleep cycles which means they can be fully awake in the middle of the night and doze off in the middle of your family lunch. This is why parents tend to lack sleep particularly during the first year of their child’s life. However, if you want to keep your energy levels up, maintain your health and get in shape, you’ll need to organize well and at least squeeze in some time in your schedule for a power nap. Improper sleep can additionally upset your metabolism, making it harder to lose weight.

4. Eat on schedule

The worst mistake you can make is skip meals. This will only misbalance your metabolism and blood pressure, leaving you with zero energy for any sort of physical activity, and most importantly, baby care. If you’re looking to cut down on food, cut down on carbs, empty calories and refined sugars. Turn to a balanced and diverse diet instead, focusing on fruits, vegetables and lean protein, instead of highly processed foods. The best option is to have up to 6 evenly spaced meals throughout the day.

5. Physical activityPhysical activity

And of course, the most logical way to get back in shape is to exercise. Once you feel fully recovered and energized enough to take on physical activity, get your body moving in all ways possible. It doesn’t matter if it’s a park stroll, morning yoga or swimming, as long as you’re physically active, you’re on a good path to building your best self. If you decide to start with a workout plan, consider getting a personal trainer to help you follow through and make sure you’re not putting too much pressure on your body.

Pregnancy is as much of a body-changing experience as it is a life-changing one. Besides the emotional challenges, there are also small physical sacrifices of motherhood. The good news is that with a strong will, good discipline, and help from the tips above, getting back in shape after having a baby can be a piece of cake.

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