The Correlation Between Comfortable Clothes and Health

You might not think so, but the clothes that you wear can sometimes affect your overall health. You have probably felt some kind of pain after wearing uncomfortable shoes, jeans or dresses, and it’s precisely because of that that we need to pay attention to what we’re wearing and the size that we are supposed to be wearing. Wearing smaller sizes is something that is, unfortunately, quite popular in certain circles, and even though the general idea is that these smaller clothes will make you feel petite, the truth is that they affect your health in a bad way. You might think “It doesn’t matter, it’s just clothes.” No, and the sooner you realize this, the better. Take a look at how clothes affect your health and what you can do about it.

Uncomfortable shoes

Probably the piece of clothing that can affect your health the most are shoes. Uncomfortable shoes are always a big no-no, and if you realize the moment you are buying them that they don’t fit perfectly – ditch them. They will not be better in time – they will just become worn out which doesn’t equal comfort. Another thing that we wear a lot and is not quite healthy is high heels. Most women enjoy wearing high heels regardless of the situation, but there have to be certain boundaries. Wearing high-heels constantly can affect your back as you don’t put your weight on the whole surface of your feet, but your toes only. This is why your back does the rest, and it can cause pain but not only in the back – your spine and knees as well. You are allowed to wear stilettos of course, but wear them on special occasions only. 

Clothes too small

Wearing clothes that are too small has always been something that is extremely uncomfortable. Sometimes, people make the mistake of thinking that it fits them right or that it makes them look smaller and more petite, and that is why they opt for smaller sizes. Some pieces of clothing can be worn like this as it will not make a huge difference, such as t-shirts that can be stretched or even skirts that are not very firm. However, jeans are, for example, very important to be in the right size. Buying the right size of perfectly tailored high waisted jeans will, for example, make you look good and skinnier, so you never have to opt for jeans that are one size too small. Having buttons around your stomach and your waist that make the clothes too tight can furthermore result in a stomachache and eventually in more serious problems.

Heavy jewelry

Finally, your jewelry can also affect the way you feel. Wearing small and light jewelry is always fashionable and it’s not unhealthy, but that is not the case with jewelry that is extremely heavy. It seems that huge earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings are becoming more and more popular, and this can have negative results in many different ways, such as stretching the earlobes or even tiring them. Necklaces can, on the other hand, affect the posture of your neck, which is a very delicate part of your body. Adding weight, strain and pressure to your neck and back is never good. This is also the case with the huge bracelets and rings as they can cause wrist, arm or hand pain.


Another piece of clothing that you need to pay attention to is underwear. Uncomfortable underwear cannot really affect your health a lot (unless you’re a guy, then yes, it can, especially your testicles), but it can play with your mood. Thongs are, for example, a very popular choice for women only because it eliminates those awful underwear lines that girls dread so much. However, wearing a thong can make any recovery process, especially for people who are prone to UTIs, more difficult. Also, the back part of your thong can move forward and thus transfer bacteria to your vagina. It’s definitely something you want to pay attention to.

Even though nothing of this is very likely, it might still happen and it’s always better to be safe than sorry. After all, it’s good to know about the disadvantages that some pieces of clothing have. Now, make sure that you choose the right clothes for you, and most importantly, the right size. 

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