Qualities of Your Inner Leader

I was intrigued by a recent article by Dan Rockwell who is fascinated by leadership.  In my mind leadership begins inside yourself. With an understanding and mastery of your inner self, then you can effectively lead others. Rockwell explored the qualities of a leader.

He states that he can predict your future with one question, “What are you learning?”

Experts and leaders who stop learning eventually become idiots and blockheads.

If you’re a blockhead, buckle up for more of the same. Which is the definition of insanity. If you’re learning, the future will be different from the past. You grow and achieve new heights.  Learning is the foundation of success, especially in uncertainty and turbulence.

From his perspective there are 5 qualities of curious leaders:

  1. Calmness. The number one emotion that enables curiosity is calm. Hot emotion reflects agenda driven conversations. The hotter you feel, the more you’re advocating or defending a position.
  2. Compassion. Open minds emerge from open hearts. Curiosity feels like compassion to others. It says they matter.
  3. Patience. Blockheaded leaders latch on to first answers. A decision is the end of thought and the beginning of justification. But curiosity takes time.
  4. Confidence. It takes courage to “not know”. Everyone who waits for insight sits comfortably with ignorance and uncertainty.
  5. Trust. Curiosity trusts itself. You may not know where the journey ends but it’s worth the effort.

I find it no co-incidence that these 5 qualities are gained by yoga practice. These are found in any consistent and dedicated yoga practitioner. This is because yoga promotes the mastery of yourself – in essence developing your inner leader.

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