How Is the Environment Affecting Your Yoga Practice?

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Yoga helps people find their balance and reduce stress levels. Meditation is also one of the crucial aspects of yoga that helps you successfully do various poses, which is why calming colours and effective decor prevail in yoga studios. Aside from calming decor, peaceful environment, soothing scents, clean space will also help you find your inner peace and enjoy the power of yoga.

The space

The environment for practicing yoga shouldn’t be overly decorated, with preferably plain walls. This will help you concentrate on finding your balance, instead of being distracted by various photographs, calendars or some other items. Your attention should be focused on yourself during the yoga session, so get rid of all the clutter around you. What’s more, a wall can be a great support for certain asanas, such as half-moon, handstand or headstand, so any hanging object would be in the way. Light-coloured walls are the best option for yoga practice area because they’ll create a calming effect in the room. Furthermore, the room where you practice yoga should always be clutter-free, so a good energy could fill the space. You’ll engage in deep yogic breathing during the session, so it’s vital that the space is always dust-free and clean.

The floor

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The area for practising yoga should be big enough to allow you to move freely and reposition your yoga mat with ease. If you can place two yoga mats vertically or one vertically and the other horizontally, and still have enough space to easily work on your poses, you’ve found the perfect place. It’s important that you have good rubber matting that will offer you good support and comfort during your yoga class. In order to do that, you should make sure that the surface is not slippery by using the quality accessories such as non-slip tapes. The less furniture you have around you, the better. This is especially true for fragile items, such as vases, or glass ornaments that could easily get knocked down while you move from one asana to another.

Fresh air

Fresh air is much more pleasant for both the body and mind since it helps us feel fresher than when we breathe in stale air. Therefore, practicing yoga in a well-ventilated space is vital for balance and health. Since you can’t always have plenty of fresh air indoors, no matter how many windows you open, practicing yoga outdoors could be a great alternative. However, if you decide to practice yoga in nature, look for a windy and shady spot. Avoid being under the direct sunlight, and opt for areas with plenty of trees.

Relaxing sounds

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For some people, music is the irreplaceable means of relaxation, which is why they choose to listen to it during their yoga session. Slow, calming sounds help achieve focus and increase concentration. Furthermore, you’ll be able to think clearly thanks to the soothing sounds in the background, which will eliminate all the wandering thoughts that may disturb you otherwise. Also, white noise can help you stay balanced as well, so playing the sounds of rainforests, rain, or ocean waves could also have a calming effect on you.

Calming scents

Aromatherapy is highly soothing and pleasant, which is why it’s recommended for practicing yoga. Candles and oils made of natural ingredients will spread the calming scents all over the room, and have various beneficial effects on your body after you inhale them. Lavender is perfect for reducing stress, while the smell of lemon energizes the mind. Always be careful when using candles while you’re practicing yoga, and place them away from curtains or any other flammable objects.

Final thoughts

Creating a calming and pleasant environment is one of the most important aspects of yoga practice. Therefore, if you plan to do yoga at home, make sure you create an area that will help you find your inner peace and stay balanced. Use calming colours, declutter the room, introduce various soothing scents, let the pleasant music play in the background and make sure the room is always well ventilated.

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