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I invite you to attend this fabulous yoga spring retreat at the breath-taking Le Belvedere in Wakefield QC on March 26, 2017. Prana Yoga Awakening is the emergence of life towards personal growth. It will be a period of mindfulness, reflection on personal growth, community and good food.

I’ve been dreaming of hosting a yoga retreat for two years. I am so excited that it is happening. I have formatted this retreat so that you will leave with a reflection on your personal growth path for the next year.

We will start with a session of beginner to intermediate hatha yoga so that we can ground ourselves.

I will lead an exercise called The 6P’s to Personal Growth. It is inspired from my cancer journey and the lessons I have learned. You will receive an outline of the 6P’s and time for personal reflection.

A fabulous East Indian themed light meal will follow. It will be served family-style so that you can accommodate your meal to your taste.

The after lunch class will be a yin yoga and meditation to anchor your journey. The day’s journey and the one you will be undertaking.

We will end with a social time with refreshing drinks to see you on your way.

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