Treat Snow Shoveling As A Extended Weight Workout

A record snow fall happened in Ottawa yesterday. Over 51 cm (20 in) fell in a 24 hr period. The fall out of course was lousy traffic and needing to shovel my driveway. The only way to approach this task is to make it a work out.

It was an ordeal for sure. When I headed into work that morning a small amount of snow was falling. By the time I got to my desk, I couldn’t see across the street. Offices were closed early sending people home. It took me 3 hours to get home on the bus. And then I faced this site of my car at home.

Car in Snow2

A total accumulation of 50 cm (20 in) means I was stomping in snow past my knees. I decided to leave the snow clearing til the next morning.

I knew that I had at least one hour of shoveling to do. So I approached the task with the focus and dedication of a long weight workout. Statistics tell us that too many people rush into the work and give themselves a heart attack or back injury. My objective was to not have either and have a pleasant time outside doing a workout.

As with any lengthy workout, there are three important factors; warm-up, pacing and electrolyte replacement. I started with a mild warm-up of clearing the steps. I took it easy so that my heart rate started rising. Once completed I took to the driveway.

One of the first rules in a workout is to have the adequate equipment. I have an ergonomic scoop shovel. It allows me to scoop snow in it and drag it to the edge of the driveway. I don’t need to carry the heavy snow.

Car in Snow3

At the edge, I install myself like an Olympic hammer thrower.  I squat my legs, grab the shovel, tighten my core and haul it over one shoulder. This allows me to use the big muscles in my body and protects my back. The time it takes to reload and drag are great rest periods. I was able to achieve a steady pace.

I was building up a good sweat. Frequently, I would take a gulp of my electrolyte replenishing drink. My choice is Arbonne’s Phytosport Complete Hydration.

Phytosport Complete Hydration
click on photo for more information

The Phytosport Complete Hydration helps support energy production and increase physical performance during intensive exercise, while helping maintain proper muscle function for the maintenance of good health. Complete Hydration also provides antioxidant support as well as botanicals like Panax ginseng, which helps enhance physical capacity and performance in cases of physical stress.

An hour and a half later, I was finished. Whew what a workout. I achieved all three objectives. I feel like I had a great workout without any injuries.

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