What is Hot Yoga Doing to Your Skin?

Hot yoga is wildly popular. It is typically practiced in a room heated above 95 F/ 35 C usually without moisture for 60 to 90 minutes. Have you ever considered what exposure to dry heat over this period is doing to your skin?

Wide angle stretch top

It was a chilling -13 F/ -25 C  during the second week on January. All I could think about was lying on a beach somewhere south. The next best thing I could think of was being in a hot yoga class. Taking in all that dry heat for 60 to 90 minutes, sweating, and detoxing.

Practicing hot yoga can be dehydrating. As I’ve written in another post, hot yoga can result in significant loss of body fluid. You can perspire one liter of water per hour. You need to be replaced your fluid with electrolytes.

Have you considered what this exposure to hot dry air does to your skin and complexion?

Hot yoga classes are not like a steam sauna. Sauna’s have a humidity of 100% while an average hot yoga class will have a humidity of 40%. The dry air draws moisture from out from your skin. The result is that not only will your body be dehydrated but your skin will be more dehydrated than before the hot yoga class.

A hot yoga class is not appropriate for all people. People with sensitive skin should avoid hot yoga classes as it may aggravate their situation. Eczema, rosacea or any other skin inflammatory conditions can get worse from exposure to heat. There is also suggestions that heat can trigger a melanin response in the skin, causing brown spots.

What can you do to protect your skin? Dermatologist, Dr Dendy Engelman, says that to prevent skin from drying out or breaking out, he recommends “showering off immediately, and then slathering on a hydrating body oil and/or cream in order to nourish the skin and lock in hydration.”

With those instructions, I recommend the following body wash and moisturizing lotion that are biologically-based with pure ingredients:

Shea Butter Wash and Hand & Body Lotion

Soothe, soften and moisturize dry skin, and enjoy the delicious Arbonne shea butter fragrance. Includes Hand & Body Wash and Hand & Body Lotion. Paired in a stainless steel caddy for your sink or counter.

click on image for more info

These will take care of your dry skin from the hot yoga workout. Your facial care is a bit more complicated and I will post on those later.



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