Reach Your 2016 Resolutions & Goals with this Monthly Energetic Road Map for Success

Over the last few days, most of us have set resolution and goals for the upcoming year 2016. Studies show that reaching goals is challenging. This monthly guide to the Universal energetic rhythms can help you navigate the year and achieve your objectives.

Statistics tell us that 50% of people who have set resolutions and goals in January, for the upcoming year, will have abandoned them by April. This may be because, although they have set goals, they have not planned how they will get there. However, if you build a monthly success road map you will achieve your resolutions and goals.

Breaking down your goals into realistic and measurable monthly achievement milestones is one proven method to keep you on track. This is taking a basic project management approach to reaching an objective.

There is another layer that interacts with us. A layer of which you may be unaware. It is the energetic flow and rhythm of the Universe that affects us all. This energetic flow is something that you must consider in your goal road map. By aligning your monthly activities and achievements with this energetic flow, you will be working in harmony with the Universe.

I asked my friend, Shaman Isabella Stoloff, from  the Orange County Healing Center in Los Angeles, to provide us with an monthly energetic road map to guide us through this year.

Shaman Isabella Stoloff

Isabella provides us with readings from both a psychic tarot and crystal oracle cards for her forecast.

Layout of cards for her forecast

You can listen to her 10 min forecast here.

This is a brief summary:

  • January: A time of positive change
  • February: Strengthen and firm up your beliefs
  • March: Increase your feeling of self-worth
  • April: Open your heart for positive outcomes
  • May: Trust that prosperity will come
  • June: Advance relationships
  • July: Celebrate successes
  • August: Ground yourself and seek intuition
  • September: Time to be creative
  • October: Tune in to your inner wisdom
  • November: Shine light on any fears you have
  • December: Prepare for new beginnings

At this point, it may be worthwhile for you to take a step back. Begin by cleansing yourself of negative energies and mediate (as outlined in a previous post). Create or re-examine your resolutions and goal monthly plans with this energetic flow in mind. Consider attending one of Isabella’s upcoming retreats in Cancun, Peru or England to deepen your personal journey. Success will be sure to follow you in 2016.




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