Do This Before Setting Your 2016 Resolutions and Goals

The New Year is the time to set goals for the following twelve months. Before you embark on a new journey, you need to cleanse yourself of the bad baggage from the previous year.

During the last year, you’ve lived with some go and bad stuff happening. For 2016, you want to keep the good stuff and get rid of the bad experiences and negative energies. Those accumulated negative energies will drag you down in setting new exciting goals.

My friend, Shaman Isabella Stoloff, from  the Orange County Healing Center in Los Angeles recommends a cleanse before embarking on new journeys. By cleansing your chakras you will be able to clearly and enthusiastically aim towards goals that will raise your energetic being.

Shaman Isabella recommends two rituals to cleanse your spirit, body and mind; the fire ceremony and sea salt bath.

Fire Ceremony

FIre ceremony is a wonderful way of releasing what no longer serves you in this lifetime. Fire is transforamtional. Blow into a stick what you want to release, then blow into the the stick what you want instead. Feel your vibration change.

Step out of the old and into the new you. Filling your body with light and love. Allow the fire and salt bath to naturally heal you.

If you cannot have a fire outdoors here is a simple way to do it at home…the bath will clean your field as well…

At home fire…Epson salt a small tin for baking small breads and over 90% rubbing alcohol. Create a scared space feel connected to a greater presence…your highest self…..light the ingredients in the tin on fire….imagine a luminous being standing behind you protecting you. Bring fire into your chakras up and over your head…..turn around and feel in on your back imagine it transforming you!

Sea Salt Bath

Soak in a warm sea salt bath for 20min to relax yourself into the renewed you. Your room can be candle-lit with soft music playing.  This is a great way to meditate and dream on your goals for 2016.

For the sea salt bath I recommend using two astounding products that will leave you gorgeous:

Arbonne Purifying Sea Soak  to indulge in a bath rich in mineral salts and trace elements to help cleanse and revitalize skin’s appearance.


Arbonne Awake Sea Salt Scrub with exfoliants to slough away dead surface cells and reveal a brighter, youthful-looking skin.


Now your are purified of old stories and energies – revitalized to face 2016.

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