Coffee Bean Extract Can Be Beneficial to Your Health

Recent scientific studies have provided compelling proof that coffee bean extract provides many health benefits. These benefits remain mostly intact with any of its many applications, including supplements, coffee drinks, and food goods. Certain concentrations of the coffee bean extract are required however to meet optimum treatment levels.


Lowers Blood Pressure

Studies have shown that coffee bean extract has been found successful in lowering blood pressure. This is best achieved before the beans have been roasted, in their “green” state. The health benefits do pass over into the beverage while roasting coffee; however, the concentrations will be diluted. Therefore, it takes several cups of brewed coffee to equal the same amount delivered in a supplement.

Helps with Weight Loss

There’s also been acceptable proof that with daily use, coffee bean extract can be effective with losing weight. The research for this benefit is limited, but there has been some impressive results noted. These results show that the Chlorogenic Acid that is found inside the coffee extract is what is responsible for any weight loss experienced. Whether different types of coffee contain a greater amount of these health benefits is unknown; however the less additives you add to your coffee (sugar & dairy) the better the beverage is for your overall health.

Other Possible Benefits

While lowering blood pressure and helping with weight loss are benefits that have been proven with scientific studies, there are also many other assumed benefits that have been not been proven as of yet. Some of these benefits include treatment for Alzheimer’s disease, Type 2 Diabetes, certain infections, and even a possible boost to a person’s metabolism. In addition to these selling points, coffee also contains caffeine which can help with energy levels and concentration. These benefits have not been thoroughly researched or proven.

How Can You Get These Benefits?

Experiencing the wonderful health benefits from coffee bean extract is as easy as taking a supplement, or another good option is to brew perfect plunger coffee! Why not enjoy a delightful beverage while absorbing the nutrient rich compounds that coffee delivers. Even though roasting coffee does destroy some of the natural coffee bean extract, there is plenty of beneficial nutrients left over. Be sure to have your coffee ground as close to brewing time as possible. This allows for a better taste and more overall freshness of flavor.


The Smart Choice

Whether you decide to start a coffee bean extract regiment, or choose to add coffee to your diet, you are sure to experience the wonderful benefits that the coffee bean provides. With benefits like weight loss and lowering your blood pressure, it is easy to see why so many people choose to start their day with a fresh, hot brewed cup of coffee. With so many varieties of coffee, and many wonderful ways to prepare the beverage, you will no doubt find a unique blend that will satisfy your individual taste preferences and nutritional needs.

By Tully Rickets, a life long traveler with interests in ethnic food and healthy living. When he’s not blogging about healthy behaviors, he enjoys researching new ideas for his book from many blogs and health related websites.

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