The Perfect Yoga Body Type

What is the perfect yoga body type? This issue has often popped up in Yoga websites. It is usually as a reaction to the tall slim people featured in them. Yet, when I attend and teach yoga, that is not what I see.

Photographer, Howard Schatz, in his book,  Athlete, took pictures of leading athletes in many sports to compare their body types. The idea is that these people would represent the best body morphology needed to excel in their chosen sport. What I observe from these pics is that each sport certainly seems to dictate a body type.

The stereotypical yoga body type as depicted by yoga magazines could be argued to be tall and slim. Yet in the classes I attend and teach, that is not what I see. All types of people take yoga for its benefits. In fact, all the body types depicted in the Howard Schatz’s photos have attended my classes.

Yoga is an internal journey of discovery. It is not about external evaluation.  Through yoga you can strive to be the best of yourself – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Your yoga practice is your yoga practice with no competition. I posit that all body types are the perfect yoga body type because it is only about you.



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