Introducing Chef Jonathan’s Healthy Food

I am very pleased to introduce a new feature on this site. Chef Jonathan Viau has been working diligently creating very yummy and healthy meals in Toronto. His contributions will inspire you. Always made with fresh ingredients, made on-site, his healthy food is elegant, fun, and tasty.

His creations were recently reviewed by food critic, Don Douloff. Don claims that the “potato and leek (soup), is, by far, the best version I’ve ever tasted, highlighting, as it does, leek’s subtle, onion-like flavour (instead of playing up the bland potato part of the equation, as every other version does). It’s velvety and just the right texture, thick but not excessively so.”

Of the gumbo; “Loaded with sausage, shrimp and mussels, hearty Louisiana-style gumbo is a little spicy and deeply flavoured thanks to a properly made roux.”

Harbour point oyster, smoked sherry "pearl", roasted shallot mignonette
Harbour point oyster, smoked sherry “pearl”, roasted shallot mignonette


Look forward to more posts of Chef Jonathan’s yummy creations. And if you are wondering; yes, he is my eldest son.

About Chef Jonathan Viau

Hailing from our nation’s capital, this chef found his love for cooking at a young age in the kitchens of his mother and grandmother. Currently a Chef in Toronto’s historic Distillery District, Jonathan is enjoying his foray into the Toronto food scene.

Cooking being paramount, Jonathan also brings an artist’s eye to his cookery. Having spent a great deal of his life with an education focused on art and design. Jonathan tries to find a bridge between home style heart and modern design elements when producing his plates.

Starting as a dishwasher and prep cook when he was 15, Jonathan got his bite from the restaurant bug early on. And he hasn’t stopped. Working the gambit of restaurants of different ilk’s during his last 16 years on the line. Constantly learning and thriving, staying hungry. However it was his years on Ottawa’s Preston street that he found his stride, and a love for Italian cuisine. A cuisine that really displayed and relied on its fresh ingredients and simplicity. Appealing and heartening to a chef who identified so personally with the gardens and kitchens of his youth. Cooking with love, would be a mantra he holds dear for the rest of his culinary career. Now enjoying his station with one of Toronto’s finest seafood spots, Pure Spirits and Oyster House. He continues to live by that mantra and to cook with love.


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