Book Review: The Five Tibetans Yoga Workshop by Susan L. Westbrook, PhD

Yoga is more than a set of physical postures and sequences. Yoga is also a journey to your inner energetic being through the chakras. I find that Dr Westbrook’s book The Five Tibetans Yoga Workshop is an excellent telling of her journey identifying delusions and promoting healing when you connect with your chakras. Her narrative brings the chakras from an academic concept to a real experience that we can relate in our lives.

The inner journey is often described through accessing our energy centres or chakras. Discussions of chakras can seem rather ethereal or academic. It is sometimes difficult to see the link between our physical selves and our inner energetic being. Increasing the difficulty in discerning the energetic journey is that we each experience it differently.  Dr Westbrook has a lovely way of making the chakras real as she describes her journey through our delusions and healing that can result.

Dr Westbrook uses as a physical conduit the practice of the Five Tibetans. They have been used as the ‘Rites of Rejuvenation’ or the fountain of youth. She encourages a daily practice of the Five Tibetans yoga and contemplation of the accompanying mantras and chakras for personal transformation.

The book is in three parts. The first involves learning the exercises. If you have practiced any yoga – they will be familiar to you. In the second part, she ventures deeper into delusional behaviors that hold you back – confusion, resentment, doubt, fear and miserliness. She reflects on how they influence our lives and relationships. The last section offers the antidotes to these delusions as vulnerability, surrender, authenticity, awareness and connection and how a commitment to these healing behaviors impacts our lives.


Westbrook weaves wonderful examples and stories that make the concepts of chakras come alive to the reader.  This book is a way to start to your own journey in the workshop of your life, a place where you can observe, analyze and re-purpose yourself.

Five Tibetans 12

About the AuthorSusan Westbrook was a professor and educational professional for over 25 years before dramatically changing direction to become a high ropes facilitator, life coach, Reiki Master and Teacher.

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