Crowdsource Company Intros New Dress Yoga Pants

Ever since Yogamania swept the nation, stretchy trousers have become standard-issue casual attire.  Women wear yoga pants to cafes, to clubs, around the house — everywhere but the office.  In fact, certain company dress codes forbid them.   But that’s starting to change.

Betabrand is amending corporate fashion bylaws with a new line of ultra-comfortable stretch pants with sophisticated styling.   Since unveiling Dress Pant Yoga Pants as a crowdfunding experiment in January, the online clothier has sold over 9000 pair, and can barely keep up with demand. 

“Whoever said women shouldn’t be comfortable at work?”   Betabrand founder Chris Lindland asks. “And how are ladies supposed to Lean In, while wearing slacks and skirts made of stiff, unforgiving fabrics?”  

Dress Pant Yoga Pants have been far and away the fastest-selling product in Betabrand’s history, so a workplace revolution is undoubtedly underway.

These pants feature faux pockets, flies, and buttons, all designed to mimic fine professional trousers.  They’re available in 3 styles and colors with more designs hitting the site each month. 



Will corporate dress codes change to accommodate these dress slacks in disguise? Until they do, thousands of bold women will covertly & comfortably break the rules in Dress Pant Yoga Pants


About Betabrand

Betabrand is an online clothing company based in San Francisco that releases new products every day and crowdsources design ideas and photography from customers.

Since launching in 2010, Betabrand has released a host of Internet fashion hits, including Executive HoodiesSock InsuranceBike to Work PantsSpace JacketsCordarounds, and Gay Jeans.  

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