The Yoga of Santa

The past few years I’ve been Santa for many an occasion at this time of year. But this year, I learned something new about Santa. He is really much better with yoga. Yoga Santa

With my grey beard, I get asked every year to be Santa for kids. If I can accommodate them I do. This year, I was Santa for a photographer friend at her studio. She invited her clients to have their kids pose with Santa for free.

Now you need to understand that I take my role as Santa very seriously. After all I am the embodiment of centuries of myth. I grew up with Santa. My kids grew up with Santa. Now I am Santa.

I endeavor to give the kids a different experience with Santa that they are used to seeing in movies or the mall. Your typical Santa is loud and boisterous, blustering out HO HO HO in a jolly fashion. He asks what they want for Christmas and if they have been good. Stereotypical Santa.

I don’t see Santa that way. For me there is a reason Santa’s suit is red and white. Red because he is all heart, generous with affection and compassion. And white because he is pure in intent, sincere, tolerant and forgiving. The same qualities that a yoga practitioner may aspire to.

So when I don the suit, I present these yoga attributes. I patiently wait for the kids to be comfortable with me, move slowly and speak in soft tones. No big HO HO HO because it scares them. I love them all. I focus on them not what they want to get. They are all good kids. And I find they respond.

When I am the yoga teacher, I approach my class time the same way. I hope to gently guide the participants in their yoga journey. It is with love and patience that they will get there. I am not loud and boisterous – because adults scare too.

We captured some beautiful pictures of the children that day. As one mom said, “Thank YOU so much for doing this! It was much better experience than a mall Santa for sure!” Mission accomplished.

Happy Christmas to all and to all a good night, Namaste – Santa.

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