Thinking on the other side of Zero Part 2

“Thinking on the Other Side of Zero Part 1” was Alan Joseph Oliver’s first novel, addressing concepts such as the philosophy of the mind, memory, and reality. After 17 years of reflection and research, Oliver is back to examine and elaborate on his previous writing and build on part 1.

In “Thinking on the Other Side of Zero Part 2,” Oliver’s focus is to show the reader that humankind is not made up of separate individuals; that all life, no matter the form, has the same consciousness. Oliver has taken the descriptions of memory from Yoga and looked at how they appear to say the same as Yoga sutras. He found it is the same fundamental process and relates exactly to quantum interactions of information, leading up to the senses and the creation of matter and the standard forces of physics.

“Part 1 is a description of where I was in terms of thinking in 2006 with my secondary school education,” Oliver said. “Part 2 is where I have been able to explain the healing experiences and my own objective experience rather than the sensory subjectivity of Descartes, ‘I think, therefore I am. That leads to no productive knowledge.”

Throughout the book, Oliver combines the “Yoga Sutra,” widely regarded as the authoritative text on yoga, and quantum mechanics to further explain theoretical physicist, David Bohm and his book, “Wholeness and the Implicate Order”, written in 1980.

“I am inviting you, the reader, to join me in considering reality from this unfamiliar perspective of wholeness in the context of the whole of everything,” Oliver said.

“Thinking on the Other Side of Zero Part 2”
By Alan Joseph Oliver
ISBN: ISBN 9781669888543 (Softcover);9781669888550 (hardcover); 9781669888536 (electronic)
Available at Xlibris,Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the author
Alan Joseph Oliver lives in Stratford Victoria, Australia. He worked in industrial electronics after a 15-year career in the Australian Air Force. He changed careers to the printing industry and began to study yoga to understand why he thought in a different way than most of his family and friends. He found the concept of the Yoga Sutra and began helping people with their questions about death. He then wrote his first book, “Thinking on the Other Side of Zero Part 1”. To learn more, please visit


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