A Self-Improvement Guide for the Mind

From extensive research and the study of effective thinking processes, author Keith Reginald Thompson wrote a spiritual guide from a psychological perspective. The self-improvement guide offers a discovery workbook for professional and personal life, helping people understand and change their beliefs and values.

In “A Journey into Value Systems: Cracking the Genius Code,” Thompson explains the value systems, the higher mind, the subconscious, and the conscious mind, encouraging readers to dismiss their unwanted values for a potential life of true happiness. He hopes to help turn his readers’ ideals, beliefs, emotions, and thoughts into organizing principles for their lives, allowing them to live a life defined by their highest excitements and passion.

“I wrote this book for my readers as an educational reminder of what anyone’s mind is capable of doing,” Thompson said, “we are all greater than what we think and are geniuses in our life.”

Thompson encourages his readers to live their life with value. Through the display of effective thinking habits introduced in his book, readers are allowed the potential opportunity to have a higher awareness of living their life through the education of the value systems of psychology.

“A Journey Into Value Systems: Cracking the Genius Code”
By Keith Reginald Thompson
ISBN: 9781982241704 (softcover); 9781982241711 (electronic)
Available at: Balboa PressAmazon, and Barnes and Noble.

About the author
Keith Reginald Thompson is a clinical hypnotherapist and received his certification in 1981. For over 40 years, Thompson has researched and studied effective thinking processes, the roles emotions play in people’s lives, and the ways their beliefs affect their physical realities. From research, Thompson developed a way of helping individuals understand the value systems, the higher mind, and more. Currently, Thompson has built a Facebook presence using the value systems and cracking the genius code principles. The Facebook group name is Cracking the Genius Code Group. Thompson now resides in Renton, Wash. To learn more, please visit: https://www.ajourneyintovaluesystems.com/about-the-author/


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