Make Your Marriage Unbreakable: 10 Steps to a Lifetime of Joy in an Unbreakable, Divorce-Proof Marriage

Author and clergyman Jim Krupka presents his vast experience of helping couples prepare for and enrich their marriages so anyone can discover the blueprint to enjoying a lasting union.

With divorce rates shockingly high, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is imperative for couples who may be struggling to seek guidance to avoid separation. Through his experience helping hundreds of couples at various points in their relationships, author and clergyman Jim Krupka’s new book provides all the necessary tools to enable individuals and couples to live better lives through enhanced understanding, communication, and life direction within their marriage.

“Make Your Marriage Unbreakable: 10 Steps to a Lifetime of Joy in an Unbreakable, Divorce-Proof Marriage” outlines the steps that must be taken for couples to realize the amazing joy of marriage. The book helps couples gain strength and joy from their unique backgrounds and personalities; fully enjoy sex as a married couple; forgive a partner if they make a mistake; plan to grow old together from the very start and navigate tough topics such as finances and family planning.

Krupka draws on the experiences of several hundred couples whom he has helped find more joy in their marriages, usually within a church setting. He includes scriptures and insights from religious leaders and marriage experts to complement the stories while providing a guide for an everlasting marriage.

“After reviewing all the marriage advice books I have accumulated over the years I couldn’t find something that had it all so my goal was to provide couples with all the resources they need in one place,” said Krupka. “My book not only helps people improve their existing marriage but also helps engaged couples prepare for marriage.”

Living the techniques in this book will make every marriage more joyful and the likelihood of divorce drastically reduced. With the choices outlined in Krupka’s book, women and men can have a taste of the Paradise of Eden in marriage as joy in marriage is worth the effort!

“Make Your Marriage Unbreakable: 10 Steps to a Lifetime of Joy in an Unbreakable, Divorce-Proof Marriage”
By Jim Krupka
ISBN: 978-1-9736-8259-2 (sc); 978-1-9736-8258-5 (e)
Available through AmazonBarnes & NobleWestBow Press, and

About the author
Jim Krupka brings a unique perspective as a clergyman, charity director, business executive, husband, and father. He has a passion for marriage making that the focus of his ministry and graduate theology studies at Saint Meinrad Seminary. He has helped hundreds of couples prepare for and enrich their marriages and helped many people start anew after divorce. Krupka has provided leadership and strategic guidance for charities at stages ranging from startup to mature. Professionally, he has more than 35 years of experience as a planner and executive for a Fortune 100 company as well as a regional entrepreneurial company. He and his wife of 48 years have five grown children and operate a farm in northern Michigan. To learn more, please visit

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