Crooked, Dented, or Broken: Girl! Wear Your Crown

As a minister and motivational speaker, Yvette Wood has conducted numerous training seminars educating women on who they are in Christ. “As children of God, we are worthy of crowns,” Ms. Wood said. “It’s easy to feel royal, majestic, beautiful, and powerful when wearing a crown, but the trials of life often depose us of those feelings causing us to feel unworthy.” 

Seeking to inspire women to reclaim their crown of victory, Ms. Wood relates her personal journey of overcoming adversity through Christ in her new memoir.

In Crooked, Dented, or Broken, Ms. Wood aims to empower readers to keep the faith, persevere and wear the crown of God with their head held high. Referencing Biblical scripture, Wood illustrates how to reign victorious through Christ’s salvation. “No matter the state of your crown, never take it off,” Wood said. “Discover your strength and learn to love yourself and the qualities that are uniquely yours.” Crooked, Dented, or Broken is available for purchase online at

About the Author

Yvette Hope Wood is an author, ordained minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, artistic director for Grace of God Dance Ensemble.  As a registered nurse she was voted by LinkedIn as a future leader of nursing. She is the owner and CEO of Five Legacy Group, LLC.  A Bible teacher, motivational speaker, nursing conference speaker, and health care consultant, she currently serves as the district president of hospitality and district secretary for the North Central District of the Church of God in Christ (COGIC). 

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