Some Common Symptoms Of Blocked Drain

You may face many problems on an everyday basis. However, you have a solution for everything. For example, if you are facing anything related to your sewage system like blocked drain (which is more than normal), you will need professional plumbing services. You can face such issues in your drains if your do not maintain it properly.

Symptoms You Will See In Case Of Blocked Drains-

  1. Foul Smell- if you find a nasty or rotten smell close to the pipes and drains, you can be quite sure that you have a blocked drain.
  2. Slow Drainage- If the water is passing slowly, it is a clear sign that the system is blocked which is resisting the water from passing freely.
  3. Backflow- If you find the water is flowing backward or coming out of the pipe, immediately call the professional plumbers. Otherwise, your floor will be flooded with water in no time.

Foul smells coming out from your drains and overflowing sink or toilet can make your life difficult, and you must call a plumber to clean your blocked drains.

woman cleans plunger with clogged sink, close up

What Are The Possible Reasons Behind Blocked Drains?

The reasons behind blocked drainsare quite many and common. Here, you can find some reasons of blocked drain:

  1. Oil And Grease– Grease and oil are the worst enemies of drain. The main ingredient is fat. It sticks to the drain and starts accumulating food particles. And, in no time it will start forming debris and block the drain. You can use hot water mixed with vinegar to clean your drains.
  2. Hair – Just like the fat in the kitchen, hair accumulates in the bathroom pipes. You have no idea how much hair you shed every day while in the shower. And that hair mixed with soap gets blocked in the drain. Eventually, it blocks the drain and stops water from passing. Use a dustbin in your bathroom and do not flush your hairs into the drains.
  3. Dirt And Plant LeavesThe drainage system outer side of your house gets blocked by outside dirt or plant leaves. Plant leaves create a huge blockage in the sewerage. If you see leaves are scattered on a heavy level for some days in a row, you can assume your drainage system is about to get blocked soon. Apart from that, tree roots can penetrate into your drains. In this case, you need to call a plumbing service to clean your drains. They can also reline your drains if needed.
  4. Toiletries– If you flush toiletries on the toilet, chances are they will not get flushed and get stuck. Therefore, you will get a blocked drainand will need professional plumbers to clear the lines.
  5. Storm Or Heavy Rain A water build-up can also cause blocked drainin the wet season. The reason is, in the wet season, the drainage gets over flooded with water which resists the normal water flow causing the blockage.
  6. Bad Pipe InstallationThe bad installation of pipe would surely cause some trouble as worse as blocking the drain. Apart from that, it can also cause leakage or incorrect water flow. You will end up having some costly repairs and costly pipes.
  7. Poor Water Flow-Poor water flows from the taps does not always mean poor water pressure. Another option could be debris collected in the pipeline which will need some professional services to be cleared out.
  8. Foreign ObjectsApart from all these reasons, there are many foreign objects that could create a blocked drain. Not initially, but over time, the constant build-up of these objects will sure create a mess.

If you find any of these symptoms, call professional plumbing services. They have all the necessary tools to get the job done easily.

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