Seniors Can Make Valuable Connections Through Social Networking

Many seniors continue to work beyond the typical retirement age because of financial needs. Others stay in the workforce because they enjoy working and want to be active cognitively and physically. It’s also common for retired individuals to work part-time or volunteer to stay connected to their professions or to seek activities to keep busy. 

According to a survey by AGE-WELL, 74 percent of respondents age 65 and older feel comfortable using technology, with 86 percent saying they’re online at least once daily. Networking online helps you stay in touch with former coworkers, make new friends, and find work or volunteer opportunities. Life Horizons shares some tips that can help you begin navigating the world of online networking.

Social Networks: Places to Meet, Greet, and Learn

There was a time when individuals searched for community events in their local newspapers. Now, you can find out what’s going on in your community by joining neighborhood groups through social networks. Older adults can maintain social and professional connections by joining networks that focus on specific interests. For example, seniors who enjoy gardening can find online gardening groups. Being active in the group can then lead to volunteer opportunities at community gardens. Online events such as workshops are also resources where you can gain skills to help you navigate and use technology more effectively.

Social Networking and Employment Opportunities

Social networks not only enable you to stay connected to family and friends, but they can also help you find part-time gigs or volunteer opportunities that match the skills you spent years honing in the workplace. When connecting with like-minded seniors on the internet, AARP notes that it’s possible to find remote work and virtual volunteer opportunities. If you’re among the seniors who want to try starting a business, social networking sites are places to go for ideas and resources for coaching, financing, and marketing.

Social Networking and Entrepreneurship

The internet is the place where almost everyone goes to search for products and services. In today’s hyper-connected society, you can find everything from a home-cooked meal delivered hot to your door to counseling and medical care at the click of a mouse. Aspiring senior entrepreneurs interested in starting small businesses can research ideas for using social networking to market and sell their products or services.

Social media platforms are always abuzz about new and exciting things. A product or service that solves problems can light up the social networking world. A business can go from unknown to a household name in minutes.

It’s worth your while to do a little digging and discover what small business grants are available. There are quite a few available in Canada. Research and learn the steps that are required to apply for each grant, then choose the ones that are most closely related to your type of business and your mission.

Social Networking Opens Doors for Seniors

Whether you’re a senior seeking a new career, new friends, or helpful information, social networking can meet the need. Seniors can find online communities and resources with the click of a mouse or a tap on a smartphone.

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