Decorating According to Your Star Sign

Have you ever pondered how to decorate your home based on your astrological sign? Linking your Zodiac sign to your interior design is a terrific way to personalise your space and allow your home to express and expand aspects of your personality.

While many individuals are sceptical of Zodiac signs because they believe it is impossible for anything to predict another person’s future, others use them for amusement and frivolity.

Whatever you think about zodiac signs, there’s something intriguing about the idea that our lives are scripted for us. Our zodiac may have some influence over the things we value, from our favourite apparel items to the trip spots we’re naturally drawn to. The same may be said of our interiors. This may help you decide on a colour scheme, furniture style, or general theme for your home. The variety and choice of home interiors are so great that any helping hand is welcome to assist you.

Bex Milford an astrologer, crystal healer and moon mentor said when asked about how the stars have an impact on our taste “Our star sign indicates which constellation the sun was positioned in when we were born. In our birth charts (which is the cosmic blueprint of our fate, our karmic path and our destiny) the sun represents our sense of ‘self, our ego and the person we most identify with. It’s therefore natural that our tastes and preferences are influenced by our star sign!”

Over at EZ Living, they have created an infographic, have created the infographic below, which details everything you need to know about your interiors and the star sign that corresponds to them.

In the infographic below, you can see how your star sign affects your home’s decor.

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