The A-Z Of Dressage Saddle Pads

Do you have a horse or are you a horse rider and worried about your horse that he should not get hurt while doing something? If you are thinking about purchasing saddle pads, then continue reading this article. It can help you to know new things about dressage saddle pads.

Importance Of Saddle Pads 

From ancient times saddle pads have been in use to protect our saddles and horses. They act as a barrier against dirt, cushioning for the horse and as a sweat absorbent.

They are made with different materials, including fleece, wool, felt, and animal hair. There are also sheepskin saddles that you can buy in different colors, lengths, and thicknesses. Choose your saddle pad style depending on your horse’s sweat, your riding style, and the protection needed.

Types Of Saddle Pads

There are hundreds of different types of saddle pads, each having its own set of purpose and benefits. For example, a fleece pad is designed to wick moisture away from the horses’ back while providing some cushioning. A neoprene pad provides similar benefits but also protects from any sharp objects. To tailor your saddle pad, you first need to know your saddle size and what type of saddle you require.

Measurement Guide 

  • Measurements are essential when it comes to buying a new dressage saddle pad. You will want a saddle pad that fits your horse’s back better so that he can be comfortable and happy to be saddled. There are a few basic steps you need to take for the right saddle pad for the job. 

  • Starting measurements from the length of your saddle from the front going along the spine. once you have taken the measurements of the parts just add 6cm; the drop can be measured from the inside of the saddle from the back to the bottom of the flap, then add 6cm here as well.

Saddle Pad Thickness

A thin dressage saddle pad is appropriate to soak moisture and protect the saddle from dirt. If the saddle isn’t right do not opt for thick saddle pads instead go for saddle fitter. It will keep your horse comfortable at times and keep its back safe.

Dressage Saddle Pads Buying Guide

With the right measurements in place you will need to take a close look at the curve of your horse’s top line to purchase the correct saddle pad. For a shriveled horse, you will need to purchase a dressage saddle pad with a sharp curve in the spine to make sure the saddle pad doesn’t crinkle and pile up in weird places under the saddle, bring about discomposure. Hence it is important that the curve of your horse’s back matches the curve of the spine of the saddle pad.

Once you have your new dressage saddle pad, check that you are the correct size. Here are some tips:

● Ensure that the saddle pad can be raised in some places so that it does not press when the saddle is belted or strapped.

● Check the seams to make sure they are away from the edges of the saddle to avoid chafing and pressure points.

● For saddle pads with fleece rollers, make sure the saddle is nestled between the rollers and not on them.


With the help of this article, we are sure that you have got some basic understanding about dressage saddle pads. it is important to get the finest quality of saddle pads for your horse as you do not want them to face any discomfort while they are being saddled.

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