In Search of Liveable Cities: Pittsburgh

During the COVID pandemic, many people have examined their current situation. They have discovered that they are not living what they want. They decide to take action. They move from a crowded and stressful megacity (New York or Toronto) to a more liveable location.

Pittsburgh is known by many names. It’s been called the “Steel City” due to its historic abundance of metalworking businesses, and it’s also known as the “City of Bridges” due to its massive network of suspended roads and pathways, more than 445 in total. Both of those nicknames can just as easily refer to Pittsburgh’s unique attributes, such as strength and inclusiveness.

There’s a lot to love about life in Western Pennsylvania’s most famous urban centre. Here are some of the biggest and best that make Pittsburgh a desireable liveable location to consider:

Affordable Housing

Pittsburgh has often been called one of the most livable cities in Pennsylvania thanks to its low crime rate, balanced weather, and myriad entertainment options. That would hardly matter, though, if no one could afford to live here. Fortunately, Pittsburgh houses for sale and apartments for rent tend to be easy to find and competitively priced. The cost of living is similarly inexpensive, making the city an attractive prospect regardless for families of all incomes.

High Quality Healthcare

Getting good healthcare is a concern for millions of Americans. Luckily, whether you’re dealing with an ongoing issue or an unexpected illness or injury, if you live in Pittsburgh you can rest assured you’ll be well cared for. The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (which includes UPMC Mercy, the first Sisters of Mercy Hospital in history) is widely renowned for its highly skilled and knowledgeable doctors.

Professional Sports

For many who live in Pittsburgh, sports isn’t just a form of entertainment. It’s a way of life, thanks in large part to the city being home to not one, not two, but three major league sports teams. In addition to cheering on a professional NHL hockey team, the Penguins, and a professional MLB baseball team, the Pirates, Pittsburgh sports fans never miss a home game for their NFL football home team, the Steelers. No wonder they have no fewer than six Super Bowl victories under their belts.

Dedication to Diversity

Pittsburgh has always been a city of immigrants, and as such it’s strived to be an inclusive, diverse place. With a population of more than 300,000, Pittsburgh locals take pride in the city’s “melting pot” quality and have been especially vocal supporters of the LGBTQ community. Though it started small in 1973, Pittsburgh’s annual Pride Fest has grown into one of the region’s biggest and most widely cherished yearly happenings.

Citywide Celebrations

If Pittsburgh locals love anything (other than sports, that is), it’s a good party. Around these parts, the entire city gets in on the act. In addition to the aforementioned Pride Fest, Pittsburgh boasts truly outstanding parades and events, including one of the largest Fourth of July festivals in the state of Pennsylvania and the second largest St. Patrick’s Day celebration in the entire world.

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