How to Get Your Dream Smile & Boost Your Confidence

If you’re unhappy with your smile, there are plenty of things your dentist can do to help you improve the appearance of your teeth. To begin, you should follow good oral care practices at home. This involves brushing at least twice per daily and flossing once daily. Rinsing with fluoridated mouthwash instead of water will also help you give more protection to your teeth. Additionally, the following treatments can be used to maximize the beauty of your smile.

Have Your Teeth Whitened

One of the easiest ways to keep your smile beautiful is to undergo a whitening treatment from your dentist. The procedure is simple and painless, which means it can be done in a single office visit. The dentist will use hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, which are bleaching agents. These chemicals will break up the stains on your teeth, making the discoloration less visible. If you have deeper stains, you may need additional treatments to completely remove the discoloration. Depending on your lifestyle habits, teeth whitening can last from six months up to three years before you’ll need to undergo the treatment again. Smoking, drinking coffee, or eating dark-skinned fruits can all affect the coloration of your teeth. Talk to your dentist about oral care habits that can help you keep your teeth whiter for longer.

Replace Any Missing Teeth

If you have a tooth extracted or lose a tooth accidentally, you should talk to your dentist about getting the gap filled with a dental implant. Leaving a gap in your mouth will cause the surrounding teeth to shift, resulting in a crooked or misaligned smile. Additionally, the gap will expose your gum tissue and underlying bone to more harmful bacteria, and that will lead to bone loss, gum disease, and tooth decay. A dental implant mimics the entire tooth. The bottom portion of the implant is screwed into the bone to secure it in place as the bone grows around the base. The bone and the gum tissue will form a seal that will help keep bacteria and food particles from causing advanced oral health issues.

Get Braces

If you do have a crooked smile, there are many options for straightening your teeth or eliminating an overbite. Traditional braces are still available and widely used for this purpose. In fact, you can choose the color of your braces if you want to add some style to the process. If you feel self-conscious about wearing bulky metal braces, a popular alternative is to see an Invisalign dentist. An Invisalign device uses clear plastic to perform the same function as metal braces. They’re designed to adjust themselves, so you won’t have to make as many trips back to your dentist to tighten the device. Your dentist can discuss other options for straightening your teeth if these choices don’t appeal to you.

Cover Weak Teeth With Crowns

A dental crown serves a multitude of purposes from helping to disguise a misshapen tooth to form the foundation for a dental bridge. In addition to improving the appearance of your teeth, a dental crown will also cover a weak tooth to protect it from the damage that could be caused by eating or grinding the teeth. The crown can be made from ceramic or porcelain to resemble a natural tooth. You can also choose a crown made from gold, silver, or other metals.

You should also be seeing your dentist every six months for a teeth cleaning and dental exam. The exam will help your dentist identify problems as they start to emerge rather than waiting until a cavity, missing crown, or gap in your teeth causes more extreme oral health issues. The exams will help your dentist ensure your smile remains beautiful throughout your lifetime.

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