Easy Ways to Improve Your Mental Health While Moving

The image source is Pexels.

Moving is never easy, but you can use this process to improve your life by getting rid of things that do not serve you. You do not have to be a minimalist to love having a bit of open space. Instead of thinking about going spartan and austere, make your move about taking the essentials with you and leaving the excess behind.

A Chance to Start Fresh

This upcoming move is a chance to start fresh. Each room of your house probably contains items that really do not do you much good anymore, or that could greatly benefit someone else. Start in your kitchen with a clear plastic bin, a box and a trash bag.

Load the trash bag with plastic containers that either do not nest well or that you no longer have the lid for. Load the box with utensils that are duplicates of items that you do use. Everyone has a favorite spoon or pancake flipper, so put the non favorites in the box for donating to a family shelter. Finally, load the plastic bin with the tools you cannot cook without. Reducing duplications in each room of your home can go a long way toward making your move easier.

Make a Map

Even if you have not purchased a new home, study the dimensions of the rooms in the VA approved condos list so you have an idea of how big the spaces are. Next, take some grid paper and make a map of each room. Finally, grab a measuring tape and some construction paper and make templates of the bigger pieces of furniture you will bring. Figure out what will fit where and what will not fit at all. This will give you the chance to know;

  • what you need to sell before you move
  • what items you will need to replace
  • any purchases you should budget for

For example, if the bedrooms in your new place will be a bit smaller, you may want to invest in a captain’s bed for one of your children. This will free up a dresser, which might serve in the dining room as a storage buffet, which could give you more space in the kitchen. Stay flexible and consider changing things up.

Start Now

Even if you do not know your move date, you can start getting rid of what you will not need to take. Using the bag, box and bin method, tackle the bedrooms. In the bag will go

  • garbage
  • stained or worn garments that cannot be reused

When the bag is full, it goes to the dumpster immediately. Now load the box with things that are still serviceable but not for you or your family. When the box is full, seal it and move it to your vehicle or place it near the door for a donation pickup.

Finally, load the bins with things you plan to take with you. If you do not have a moving date, consider loading the bins with seasonal garments, leaving what you need now in the closet. Before you shop, search through the bins to see if you can find something that will work. This can save having to move more stuff.

Work Early in the Day

The process of decluttering and getting rid of duplicates is very different from the work of packing. Try to do your decluttering early in the day, as this process takes a lot of decision making brain power. Unless you have enough plastic bins to pack everything you want to take, it is a good idea to find a source of uniform boxes to pack your belongings. Once you have a moving date, go back to your map to confirm the dimensions, then get a set of colored dot stickers. Choose a color for each room in your new space.

When you seal a box to take with you, write the basic contents and room location for drop off on the top and both sides. Add a colored dot to serve as a notice to whoever is moving the items. Before the truck gets unloaded, go through the house and put a corresponding dot on each doorway so boxes get delivered to the right space to be unpacked.


Move what you need and will have room for. Make plans to buy new items before you need them so you can quickly make the purchase when you arrive in your new space. Match boxes to rooms before they even come off the truck to keep life simpler.

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