6 Amazing Gifts for Your Significant Other

When it comes to choosing a gift for that special someone, nothing seems to be as good as you wish. Here are some amazingly different ideas that can add new light to the one that deserves the best.

1. Window to the Soul Jewelry

Step back in time when Celtic mythology embraced romance and spirituality. The Celtic design has long been known as a symbol of the physical wedding of the soul for peace and abundance. Fine natural minerals of gold and silver interweave to form spectacular shimmers for pendants, earrings, or rings. Different designs let you find just the right eternal passage to your partner’s soul. Window to the Soul Jewelry is an unforgettable way to say I love you.

2. Personalized Star Chart

The stars often jog memories of those special early moments together. Think of the first time you met, a special date sealed under the night sky, or just a great conversation with the one that you hope will always stay. Expand this memory with a personalized star chart to commemorate a memorable evening. Notice how the signs spell out the consistency of the stars that are so predictable and amazing. Select your own message, location, size, and frame to collaborate the galaxy as it was remembered. This is sure to take center stage on a wall in a bedroom or living area.

3. Keepsake Statue Kit

Pictures are nice for remembering those good times, but feeling a touch can pull at your heartstrings. Form your bond with this molding kit by holding hands or touching an arm and seal it forever in casting stone. Every time you pass this statue, you will immediately feel the presence of your significant other on your day of bonding. Detailing pens and sanding tools are included for making your statue more realistic. Whether it is intermingled fingers, holding wrists firmly, or petting an arm, the memory will take you back years.

4. 100 Dates Scratch-Off Poster

One of the best parts of date night is experiencing something new. There will be no more, what should we do tonight? This scratch-off poster offers 100 different ideas for enjoying unusual evenings together. Things you have never dreamed up are hidden in this novel board that can be as much fun as the date itself. Make the fun go further and throw darts to choose a square and get ready for your exciting date. Frame your board to match your home decor or only bring it out for those special days.

5. Massage Oil Candle

Can’t decide on a fragrant candle or moisturizing oil for your significant other. Why not choose both? A hemp oil massage candle will provide just the right mood for love, plus delicate oils of hemp, soy wax, and essential oils of gardenia to massage all over your partner. Begin by lighting the candle for the aromatic experience, blow it out, then dip into the warm, tantalizing oils for a really sensual feeling.

6. 3-D Crystal Heart

Everyone has a favorite photo that captures the right mood, the right light, and the perfect feeling. Don’t trust an album to keep this memory alive with your significant other. Have it sealed within the crystal of your favorite shape. Square, rectangular, heart, or circular beauties will bring a smile to your partner’s face as it rests on a desktop. They are easy to clean and will keep your memory protected forever. Choose a base that best distinguishes your crystal, like wood, silver, or just a flattened crystal bottom.

Memorable gifts for your significant other do not have to be costly or terribly unique. Sometimes the simplest gestures of gratitude and caring say more than trying to impress. Maybe this is why greeting cards have stayed as popular as they have. There are always new and exciting gifts to find for saying I love you. Flowers, candy, soaps, and lotions are all intimate gifts that can be a real treat on a special occasion or just to say how amazing your significant other really is.

Take the time to place your gift in a box with special wrapping paper ng to make the experience more appreciated and loving.

Contributed by Regina Thomas

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