3 Careers You Should Consider if You Are Tech-Savvy

People born in the new millennium are lucky to have grown up during an era of rapid technological advancements that they continue to experience even today. Due to this, they can easily navigate through different software and apps. This makes them tech-savvy and creative as they have sufficient knowledge of digital tools combined with resourcefulness, which is advantageous for their careers. If you are creative and tech-savvy looking for a job, look at the three options listed below.

1. Information Security Specialist

Cyber threats continue to escalate at a rapid pace globally, where more data breaches occur each year. Public entities, retailers, and medical services experience the most breaches attributed to malicious cybercriminals. The sectors appeal to cybercriminals because they collect medical and financial data. However, any business that uses networks can be a victim of customer attacks, corporate espionage, and customer data.

These incidences call for advanced efforts to protect data on government and commercial sites. Companies are now hiring information security specialists to protect their computer systems and networks. An information security specialist plans and executes various security measures such as installing software and imitating cyber-attacks to test the systems. Jobs in information security are expected to be in high demand as more businesses apply technology in their operations. You will need a bachelor’s degree in programming, information science, or computer science to become an information security specialist; some positions require an MBA in information systems.

2. Software Developer

Software or application developers create systems and applications that control networks, operate devices, and allow users to finish specific tasks. An example of devices that use the software in their operations is 3D laser scanning services used by facility managers, contractors, engineers, and architects in building projects.

The job description of a software developer includes collaboration with programmers, establishing new applications’ functionality, and identifying user needs. They ensure that applications exhibit logical and structured thinking to identify even minor glitches. Software developers are highly dedicated individuals who use analytical and technical skills in their daily job duties. Education requirements for software developers are a bachelor’s degree in computer science. You should also be creative with problem-solving and interpersonal skills.

3. Web Developer

In simple terms, web developers design and create websites; they are responsible for how a website acts, looks, and its performance and capacity. Sometimes the web developer is tasked with content creation for the website. Web developers create both the visual and technical aspects of a website. Their tasks include:

• Consulting with clients to talk about their needs.

• Using a programming language to write code.

• Integrating audio, video, and graphics into the website.

Almost every business has a website making web developers one of the most sought people in the information technology industry. It is now possible to know about a company overseas by visiting their website; you can also purchase items through the same websites. As a web developer, you can decide to work for someone or be a freelancer and work for many clients. You will need to have a bachelor’s degree in programming or computer science, although an associate degree is still acceptable as an entry-level credential.


The IT industry has many career opportunities for tech-savvy individuals. The most exciting part is that you can be a freelancer and have complete control over your working hours and clientele. The demand for technology continues to grow and so do careers in information technology. As companies collect and store more data, there will be a greater need for information security specialists to safeguard the data. Software developers will also be in high demand as more consumer products incorporate software to use.              

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