Book Review: Consciousness Rising

During these uncertain times, the world is yearning for a shift in consciousness is the message from Dr Capshew’s book, “Consciousness Rising.” This is an enlightening new book that explores the beauty in pure, collective consciousness. By his own admission nothing that is presented is new, however, the message is delivered at the right time for us to discover our new transcendent self.

I watched the NASA Perservance landing on Mars live. It brought me back to my childhood of seeing in amazement the moon landings. The wonder of it all. The NASA acting administrator, Steve Jurczyk, said shortly after the landing was confirmed, “What an amazing day. What an amazing team, the work through all the adversity and all the challenges that go with landing a rover on Mars, plus the challenges of COVID … just an amazing accomplishment.”

He was emphasizing that the collaborative work of the team ensured the success of a common goal, landing on Mars. I was instantly reminded of President Joe Biden’s inaugural speech where he said, “We have never, ever, ever failed in America when we have acted together.”

This is the essence of Dr Capshew’s book. We must recognize the destructive nature of the traditional dominator consciousness. It is based on division; Me vs your clan, your culture, your country, your beliefs. These traits may have been useful in early humans, but it is now increasingly evident that this will not work much longer.

The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated how connected we really are. “Love, connecting, feeling heard, adventure, expanding our mind, remembering and experiencing the common source of our being” are the experiences that can bring us out of the competitive dominator world into a collaborative community.

Dr Capshew explains how the best way to bring global change is through self-love and love for one another. With the help of Dr Capshew’s teachings, you can understand the importance of attending to one’s own heart. His book can help people find their purpose and, for those who are already on their spiritual journey, clarity about how to live a deeper spiritual life in this physical world.

I was intregued by the sections of the book where Dr Capshew talks about America. “America has aged out of its current level of consciousness. This grand experiment we call democracy has been reduced to a winner-take-all mentality, creating a wobbling of American policies from one extreme to the other and back again.” Often authors can spout philosophy and psychology with out action. I applaud Dr Capshew for calling out the issues and what actions can be taken.

I am gonna tell you this is not an easy read. You can’t sit down in one evening and finish this book. Dr Capshew challenges some of our thoughts and beliefs – which is a good thing. And you need time to digest. “In the end our collective spiritual energy body is Love,” Dr Capshew states in his last few pages. I recommend this book for the spiritual journey. It will bring you through and perhaps challenging you on your current thinking and feeling.

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