Stressed Out? These 5 Tips Could Help You Relax

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Feeling stressed out can be an overwhelming experience. Whether it’s your job, worrying about the future, or you just can’t stop thinking about the past, stress can take over your life and cause anxiety, fatigue, headaches, and even physical aches. Understanding how to calm your mind and body can help you destress effectively and better cope with the stress. It’s vital to get to the root cause of your stress because it will allow you to better decipher how to better attack the stress and calm yourself down for the future when it happens.


Meditation is the most powerful way to take hold of your stress and start being more present in the moment. When you spend a minimum of just 10 minutes meditating, you will be calmer, more patient, and gain more clarity. The key to a strong meditation is making sure your mind is clear of all thoughts, and that you stay centered and grounded in the present. Listening to a guided meditation or just some instrumental music is a good way to better stay in the flow. Make this a daily occurrence, but be sure to dive in to a meditation when things are rough to get you grounded again.


Consider journaling when you’re overwhelmed. You can start with some journal prompts like, “How am I feeling today?” You could also try, “Things to look forward to in the future” or “Reasons why I love my friends.” You could also try just letting out how you feel and who or what is causing your stress. Putting your emotions and your thoughts into a journal allows you to jot it out of your brain and onto paper, enabling you to be free of those thoughts in your brain. Journaling can help alleviate stress levels because of how therapeutic it can be.

Research has proven that gratitude can elevate your mood and generally make you happier. However, it’s tough to be happy and grateful when you’re stressed out about life. The key is to write out things you are most grateful for in a journal, continue to add to this list on a daily basis, and simply refer to it when things are rough. Read this journal when the stress has taken over in your life and use it to lift you up out of your stress.

Try Natural Supplements

Natural Supplements, like CBD gummies online, are a wonderful way to destress. They do not contain ingredients that will make you high but instead are derived from hemp which is legal nationwide. They are overall much safer to use on a day to day basis than other options. They are also an easier and more subtle way of ingesting CBD. Aside from just decreasing stress levels, studies show it can also help alleviate physical aches and help with pain management.

Take A Nice Walk In Your Neighborhood

Going for a walk is probably the best way to clear the air in your head. Whether you’re overthinking about certain situations or you’re broken from what is happening in your life or the world, a walk is a good way to let out some steam. Going for a walk in your neighborhood poses plenty of other benefits as well like better balance, improved cardiovascular health, reduce your risk of heart disease, among countless other benefits.

Breathing Exercises

Having several breathing exercises in your back pocket for when you are mostly stressed is a good way to better handle any situation you are dealing with. A good first exercise is just to breathe on a count of four, hold it for a count of four, and then let it out on a count of four. You can start increasing the number as you progress over time. Another great exercise is to let out all the air you have, allowing the body to make room for fresh new oxygen. You do this by taking a big breath in, and then blowing the air out like a candle, and then continuously letting out every ounce of air you have left.

Utilize these powerful tips to start living a life stress-free and better able to handle the stress when it does happen. Just a few nice tricks in your back pocket for when you’re feeling overwhelmed can make a world of difference for your mental health.

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