Book Review: Letter from Santa

I just read a delightfully enchanting children’s book, “Letter from Santa Claus”. This story is based on the author’s childhood and an actual letter that he found in his attic. It follows a young boy who is sick with pneumonia in the year 1949. He is taken to the hospital and his family is very scared. His journey there is heartwarming rather than tragic…and gives us hope.

In the spirit of Christmas, this five-year-old writes a letter to Santa Claus while he is in the hospital. One morning, he is woken by his father who finds a letter from Santa waiting for the young boy on his hospital bed. Santa shares with him magical stories of elves and reindeer. The next day, on Christmas Eve, a miracle happens, and the young boy’s health greatly improves, and he can return home just in time for Christmas.

Jones’ book touches on two very important topics that have made headlines throughout 2020: hospitalization and diversity. Jones, who is biracial, shares his struggles of being cooped up in a hospital room during the holiday season. Children who are spending the holidays in the hospital may be inspired to find their own spark of Christmas cheer after reading this book. Also, biracial children may connect with the main character, who has a Black father, because they can see themselves represented in him.

Jones published “Letter from Santa Claus” to help children realize that with the help of a little Christmas spirit, and hope in their hearts, anything is possible. By showcasing loving parents and a supportive doctor, Jones reminds children that they are not alone. The book also points out the importance of keeping up your spirits during times of duress. All lessons that we need while many of our loved ones are alone in hospital during this pandemic.

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