Easy Ways To Prevent Dust To Be Blown Into Your Car

You want to keep your car clean and stop allergens from making their way into your vehicle, but they always make it in somehow. The following are a few ways to prevent dust from blowing into your car.

Shut the Windows

One way dust gets it into your car is through the windows. This is the easiest fix since all you have to do is keep the windows down as much as possible. Keeping your windows down requires a behavior change, especially if you or your passengers love the wind rushing through the vehicle, but closing them is a good thing to do. Talk to every passenger to make sure the windows stay down. Also, people shouldn’t leave the door ajar when you park to get a little air. This can let dust into the car as well. Everything should be shut as much as possible.

Avoid High Winds

Technology has given folks a lot of tools that could make life easier in different ways. The tool you might want to pay attention to is the weather app you have on your phone. Do your best to avoid going out on dusty days. This means avoiding high winds at all costs. These apps, most of the time, give you accurate predictions, so schedule your week and day accordingly. With a little planning, this shouldn’t be too hard to accomplish.

Rely on the Air Filter

Automakers knew that dust could become a problem when driving, so they installed one of your most potent weapons against air pollutants: the air filter. The problem is some people don’t pay much attention to the air filter. You want to make sure you not only have the best cabin air filter installed but that you replace it often. Air filters aren’t meant to last forever. If they are neglected too long, they start to accumulate dust and air pollutants. This will let dust get into your car quickly. As a general rule, replace filters once a year or every few months if you drive in a highly polluted area.

Stay Away From Dusty Areas

Those who can stay away from unpaved roads or dusty areas like construction sites. You’ll be accumulating more dust in these areas, especially if you drive through these places often. If you love going off-road in your vehicle, then consider purchasing a second car that you can use for this purpose and leaving your other vehicle dust-free, especially if someone in your family is allergic to dust. Consider the same solution if you work at a construction site.

Cleaning Up Often

Make it a point to clean the interior of your vehicle. Some of the dust your AC blows at you could be coming from within the cabin if you don’t clean often. You will have to vacuum your vehicle as often as you can, making sure you get those tough to reach areas, like under the seats. You will also have to clean within the AC air vents to make sure there’s no dust, which will accumulate at some point. Regrettably, plastic does attract dust, so it’ll collect if there’s any within your vehicle.

Invest in Car Floor Mats

You may want to invest in dirt-trapping car floor mats to ensure your vehicle remains as dust-free as possible. These mats should hold dirt and dust long enough until the next time you clean your vehicle. When you come into your car, you are going to bring the outside in through your shoes. This is inevitable, but it’s also something you can address with the right floor mat. Be sure to place a few of these in your vehicle because your passengers will bring dirt in as well.

Don’t Forget to Cover

If you don’t have a garage or don’t want to invest in building one, you can consider an enclosed carport that can be affordable to protect your vehicle. Another way to protect your car is to buy a simple car cover for your car, which will help those in an apartment. This will ensure your vehicle repels dust while sitting for long periods.

These are some things you can do to keep yourself and passengers safe from dust. If you don’t have the time to clean your car, then take it to a car cleaning service often.


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