10 Health Benefits of Singing In The Shower


If you love listening to music and singing while you’re in the shower, you may find that you sound better! Yes, the acoustics in the shower is excellent, and singing along to your favorite songs can boost your mood. But other benefits come from having your in-shower concert as well. You can better your health and self-assurance if you love perfecting your vocal skills while bathing.

Your Confidence Will Increase

Since the shower is shaped like a recording booth, you’ll notice that your voice is clearer when you’re singing in the shower. This may give you the confidence to sing louder or higher than you would out of the shower. Whether you’re training in Broadway school, participating in karaoke with friends, or performing live as a singer, having more confidence in your vocal ability is a plus. When you feel good about the way you sound, you’re more likely to try new things with your voice and express your freedom and creativity as a musical artist.

You Can Relieve Anxiety and Stress

Not only will you get a self-esteem boost when you hear yourself in the shower, but you can also reduce feelings of anxiety and depression. When you sing, a chemical calledoxytocin is released in your body, increasing your feelings of trust and enhancing your bonding experience with loved ones. Oxytocin is the same chemical that mothers release when they nurse their babies, helping mom and baby grow closer to each other. So, when you sing, you can stave off feelings of loneliness, which is particularly important now that we cannot attend large gatherings due to the pandemic.

Singing in the shower also helps to lowercortisol, which is a hormone your body releases when you feel stress. When you display your musical talent in the shower, your cortisol levels will go down, which soothes your mind and lowers your blood pressure. When you sing, you’re filling your lungs with oxygen. You’re also constantly inhaling and exhaling, which naturally calms your body. This is why people always suggest taking a deep breath when you feel stress or anxious. If you find that you have shallow breathing when you’re anxious, the shower is a great time to practice deep breathing as well. After all, you want to have enough air to hit all the right notes when you’re belting out your favorite tune.

Your Memory Will Improve

When you sing in the shower, you most likely know the words to the song, or you’re trying to learn all the lyrics. This keeps your brain active and can boost your memory when trying to remember important details for school and work projects. With all the things you have to do during the day, it’s beneficial to have a way to retain information so you can accomplish your goals.

You’ll Have a Stronger Immune System

Shower singing sends more oxygen to your blood, lowers your stress levels, and reduces your blood pressure. All of these physical improvements make your immune system stronger to shield you from viruses and other forms of sickness. This means you may feel more at ease during cold and flu season if you’re taking a warm shower in the morning and singing your heart out. Of course, it’s essential to stock up on vitamin C and zinc once you get out of the shower as well.

As you can see, taking a shower is about more than just making sure you’re clean for the day. You can lower your blood pressure, strengthen your body’s ability to fight off impurities, and give you more self-confidence. It’s also a good idea to add some essential oils to your shower to help your voice and invigorate your body. Eucalyptus oil is great for respiratory health and is an excellent natural remedy for allergies and sinus problems. Citrus oils help improve the immune system, so you’ll have the energy for a successful day after you finish singing in the shower.

An unforgettable shower concert can increase your motivation to tackle the day’s tasks and help you look forward to practicing ways to better your voice.

Contributed by Stephanie Synder

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