Jet Tubs vs Hot Tubs: Major Differences and Their Benefits

Sometimes, you have some extra money and want to treat yourself to a jet tub or hot tub. You may be buying this for health purposes, or maybe you just want something to promote peace. Regardless of the reason, you might be wondering about the difference between a hot tub or a jet tub. The following will help with that.

Jet Tubs

To figure out which one to install, you should know what they do. Once you know their benefits, you should be able to make a better decision. The following are some benefits you could attribute to jet tubs like the 110V 6 person spa:


One of the most important features of a jet tub is the jets. These little powered jets shoot water in specific places around your body, specifically your back. People will find these enjoyable and they are, but they are also working your muscles. Given enough time, your muscles will relax, and any tension should dissolve. Folks who have a tensed job or do manual labor are going to fall in love with the way their body feels afterward.


Some jet tubs can be inconvenient to set up. They might force you to work with a plumber so that you can have water flowing to and from the device. This could end up costing a lot of cash, which is one reason people turn away from jet tubs, but that’s a mistake. You could also simply purchase the more portable tubs. These can be installed anywhere and don’t require special equipment. Just pick a spot, hook it up, fill it up with hot water, and enjoy.


One thing people love about hot tubs is they are usually large enough to invite friends or family members over. Well, this is something you can do with your jet tub as well. All you need to do is make sure your tub is large enough to hold more than just a few people. Now, you are going to have to make sure you add hot water since jet tubs don’t heat water as hot tubs do. The warmer your water is, the longer you and your friends can enjoy it before the water loses heat.

Hot Tubs

Now that you’ve learned a little about jet tubs, you can learn about hot tubs. The following are some things you can expect from these types of tubs:


One of the biggest perks of a hot tub is that it keeps the water hot. This is done using a thermal rod friction heater that warms up the water enough to make you feel great. The water won’t get cold because this heater will continue to warm up the water for as long as you want to use the tub. Those who hate the idea of worrying about your water getting cold might want to keep this in mind.

Filled Once

A jet tub has to be refilled every time you want to use it. Some people love this because it means the water in the jet tub is fresh and clean. Other people love the fact that you don’t have to keep refilling the hot tub. The water can stay in the pool for a while before you have to drain it and refill it. The tub comes with a filter, but at some point, you are going to have to remove the water. This could be looked at as a perk or not.


The heat is relaxing, and it could help improve circulation. Good circulation ensures your body can transport vitamins and oxygen throughout your body, which is good for your health. On top of that, it could make it easier to fall asleep once you are done using the hot tub. Both of these benefits are worth keeping in mind when you decide between these types of tubs. A lot of folks have trouble falling asleep, and if you happen to be one of these people, then a hot tub might be the right choice.

These are just some major differences between these two types of tubs. Hopefully, it’s clearer which one of these would work best for your specific needs.

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