Skin Care Treatments to Try Out This Summer

Everyone tries to look their absolute best during summer, with their strive towards the “summer body” and the tanned skin look. But most of all, providing your skin with the right kind of health care is the best thing that you can do. But how can you jumpstart your healthy skin care process? Here are some of the best skin care treatments that you’ll want to try out this summer. Whether you’re trying to improve your skin’s complexion and overall appearance or you simply want to make your skin feel healthy again, these skin care treatments are known to offer the most refreshing benefits for summertime.


During the micro-needling process, small needles are used to penetrate your skin. The purpose of pricking the outermost layer of your skin is to generate blood circulation and to encourage the generation of new collagen and skin tissue on your face. This derma-roller procedure delivers many different types of benefits for individuals, including the decrease in the appearance of fine wrinkles and lines as well as decreasing the appearance of scars and acne. It’s also been shown to improve the overall complexion of your skin, offering a more even skin tone. It’s also temporary, so you’re not completely stuck if you don’t like the results.


Microdermabrasion refers to the procedure of gently sanding and scraping the top layer of your skin. It’s classified as a mildly-abrasive treatment, but most patients of this treatment report having very little to no pain or pressure during the treatment. The purpose of the procedure is to gently remove the thicker outermost layer of your skin.

It’s able to offer individuals a range of health and cosmetic benefits, most notably a reduction in the appearance of acne scarring. In addition to that, microdermabrasion helps to treat slight discoloration in the skin as well as marks from sun damage. It can also eliminate the appearance of stretch marks, so you’re not limited to conducting the procedure only on your face. Lastly, it’s able to overall improve your skin’s texture, making it appear and feel smoother.

Dermal Fillers

Known as one of the most-performed treatments, dermal fillers help to provide a vast array of cosmetic benefits for individuals engaging in the procedure. Given that it’s performed so often, dermal fillers offer a safe and comfortable experience for anyone interested. During the treatment procedure, a certain type of decomposable filler substance is injected into your skin at certain depths.

How deep the filler is injected depends on what kind of look you’re trying to go for, and it can help to increase patients’ confidence in their appearance. More specifically, dermal fillers are most known for decreasing the appearance of fine wrinkles and lines throughout your face, and they can also help to improve your facial volume. They’re essentially able to make anyone’s face appear drastically smoother than it was prior to the procedural treatment. The recovery time is typically very minimal as well. Professionals who provide dermal fillers in Fort Collins state that “most people are able to go about normal activities after an injection,” although each person is different so be sure to listen to your doctor. 

The procedure is so popular that you can easily schedule an appointment practically anywhere to have a consultation with a dermatologist. For instance, you can either choose a dermatologist willing to conduct the procedure closer to your house or at a business that’s known to deliver high-quality results. 

Chemical Peels

Last but not least, you’re recommended to consider getting a chemical peel this summer. It may sound scary, but it’s really only the application process of a chemical solution onto your skin. After the certain chemicals are combined together and then applied to your skin, the top layer of your skin will then blister, allowing you to peel away the dead and damaged cells in the process.

Chemical peels are capable of removing the outermost layers of your skin by exfoliating and clarifying your complexion. The process is widely popular because it’s fully customizable, in that you can personally choose the types of chemicals you want to use in order to customize your experience with the facial. Chemical peels are beneficial because of their ability to improve the appearance of your skin and make it look smoother.

Overall, taking care of your skin is most important during the summertime because you’re exposed to the sun’s UV rays more often than any other time of the year. There are so many different types of treatments that are said to improve your skin’s health, so you’ll have to conduct your own research and make sure you familiarize yourself with the procedure prior to engaging in it. Each of these skin care treatments is known to deliver a range of benefits for its patients, so you should consider scheduling one of these at your local spa this summer.

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