How to Know if You Need Adult Braces

Contrary to popular belief, braces are not only for teenagers and preteens, adults too can get them. Like in kids, adults can use braces to correct crowded smiles, crooked teeth, and align poor bites.

These seemingly cosmetic concerns result in more serious problems when left untreated. If you are not sure whether you need braces as an adult, take a look at these signs, then you can be sure.

6 Signs You Need Braces:


Crowding is a condition that occurs when your mouth’s space is not enough for all your teeth. It is a condition that gets worse with time and may hamper proper dental hygiene because it results in areas that are difficult to floss and brush. In turn, according to dentists in Westerville, OH, when you do not clean your teeth properly, you may suffer from bad breath, gum disease, bone loss around the teeth, and tooth decay.

Open Bite

Did you know that dental articulation can lead to a crooked smile? These problems can be connected further to open bites, where your teeth don’t touch even when you bite down. Braces, in this case, can help you get a better smile, and most importantly, improve your articulation.

Over Bite

An overbite occurs when your upper front teeth overlap the lower front teeth; this is not only a cosmetic disaster but also an ingredient to many oral health problems. With an overbite, there is an increased risk of trauma or fracturing to the front teeth. If not treated, it could lead to gum recession and extreme tooth wear.

Cross Bite

With a crossbite, an upper tooth crosses behind a lower opposite tooth. The best way to deal with crossbites is to fix them early because if you leave them for too long, it may be challenging to restore worn-out and fractured teeth. Apart from the wear and tear of the teeth, a crossbite may also bring about an asymmetric jaw growth.

Under Bite

If all your upper front teeth sit behind your lower front teeth, you can be said to have an underbite. These bring about difficulty in chewing and biting, disproportionate facial structure, and accelerated facial aging. Like with the other teeth alignment issues, braces can help you to restore your teeth alignment.


Not everybody loves having gaps between their teeth whether as a result of a big jaw or a missing tooth. If you are one of these people who do not dance to this beat, then schedule an appointment with a dentist and let them in on your concerns.

Important Points to Remember

  • For adults, the entire treatment process takes about three years, generally longer than for a child or a teenager.
  • You are not too old to get your braces; the American Association of Orthodontists says that people between 60 and 80 years can still reap the benefits of orthodontic treatments.

Pros and Cons of Braces

Braces have evolved, and now you have a variety of options you can choose from, which are less obstructive and more comfortable. They come with less noticeable wires, smaller and fewer brackets, and are still very useful. Other than the conventional stainless wires and brackets, you can also find gold wires and brackets, clear plastic, or tooth-colored ceramic brackets. The latter cost more, they may break easily and may feel less comfortable on the lower teeth like metal brackets. The ceramic brackets are said to wear away the enamel.

The plastic brackets may stain over time and are not as strong as stainless steel. Because both the ceramic and plastic cause more friction between the brackets and wire, they may prolong treatment time.

It is never too late to fix your smile, but that doesn’t mean you should wait for too long because it cannot repair itself. When it comes to health care, you cannot compromise on quality either, so do not fight for a bargain. Whenever you are ready, you should schedule an appointment with a dentist.

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