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There are two very key products applied to the skin to provide care. They are products whose main difference comes from their inclusive properties since the lanolin skincare product is emollient while petroleum products like petroleum jelly are occlusive.

Lanolin is extracted from sheep’s wool and includes lipids and soluble oils that quickly spread on the skin like the way natural body oils do and bring about hydration. At the same time, petroleum jelly creates a layer on the skin surface, bringing about moisturization by retarding the evaporation water.

Lanolin is a natural, renewable, and sustainable resource

Depending on where the two products are extracted and what comes with it, lanolin is a preferred choice for skincare. It is derived from the wool of sheep and is done by skilled sheep farmers while, on the other hand, petroleum jelly is just refined from extracted non-renewable petroleum.

Lanolin is a natural, renewable, sustainable resource for your skincare and is the logical answer to your skin. Petroleum jelly thou in the purest form of refined petroleum still contains contaminants that prove to be carcinogenic. They may bring about more disaster than good to the skin.

Lanolin is better for skin moisturization and protection

Lanolin consists of emollient lipids like those naturally produced by the body to repair the barrier on the skin surface and offer moisturization. It also gives a long-lasting moisturization look. Lanolin is definite in giving the advantage of protecting your delicate skin from some contaminants like air toxins and even dirt.

Unlike lanolin, petroleum traps moisture on the skin surface, giving the illusion of effective moisturization of the skin and traps dust and other air contaminants. In the long run, it dries the skin up, giving it a cracked and quite a bad appearance.

Lanolin has a higher fat content

The skin loves a lot of fat for it to be adequately maintained. That is where the benefit of lanolin having a quite high-fat content comes in and gives it a plus against petroleum jelly. With enough fat on your skin, it is possible to still have its splendorous look even in dry conditions as the fat prevents evaporation of water from the surface.

Petroleum has a shallow fat content and, in fact, speeds the rate of evaporation of skin water, and in drier conditions, cracks may be visible on a skin whose care is taken care of by the use of petroleum jelly. Lanolin, therefore, is more effective in taking care of your skin and would suit to produce the best lip gloss you would desire for your lips.

Lanolin maintains the well-being of the skin via vitamin D

Vitamin D in the body systems and more so your skin system is quite essential as it offers protection to your skin. Its synthesis enables it to boost your skin’s immunity against diseases related to the surface like skin cancer. With the added fact that vitamin D is water-soluble, it is an excellent solvent to ensure delivering of essential components to the skin.

Vitamin D also maintains the skin barrier and enables healing of the skin. Petroleum jelly has no primary advantage under this topic under discussion. The fact is that lanolin keeps the well-being of the skin.

Lanolin has long-term results

Since lanolin is a product that promotes good skin care through efficient moisturization, it is noticeable and very much agreeable that it has the long-term results you would desire on your skin. Lanolin blends in with your skin and keeps you confident in your skin no matter the conditions you expose yourself to.

As for petroleum jelly, it usually acts like a plastic that gives the illusion of a well taken care of the moisturized body, but it is only for a moment. This is mainly because petroleum jelly is not soluble in water and is a stiff product on the skin, creating the illusion of hydration. It is also a water-repellent as it traps contaminants that keep the water under the barrier out.

Ultimately, it is agreeable that the professionals can attest to the excellence of the lanolin product over petroleum jelly and primary users. It is the perfect natural answer to your skin. Since the beginning of time, generations have taken over the norm of using petroleum products for their skin like petroleum jelly. It’s high time we pay keen attention to our skincare, and hence the need to look beyond petroleum products and the adoption of lanolin cream is just perfect.

Contributed by Regina Thomas


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