5 Reasons You Should Go For Therapy

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Therapy is something that is more widely available than ever, with mental health being taken more seriously and understood as being as important as other forms of well-being. Nonetheless, many people do not seek therapy, despite the fact that it could potentially be of great benefit and lasting change in their lives, and despite the fact that people spend more money and attention on things that are related to status and entertainment but that are unrelated to their own mental well-being. Here are 5 reasons why this might be, and why you should not be afraid of seeking it.

1. It is healthy to face your feelings

Oftentimes in life, we repress or cover up negative emotions so that we can get on with our everyday responsibilities and not miss out on life’s pleasures. We are often socially conditioned to view negative feelings as unwelcome inconveniences or distractions from more important things. Particularly when it comes to unresolved trauma, digging up old feelings can be very uncomfortable and scary, but it is ultimately for the betterment of your mental wellness to do so, as you build resilience, self-mastery, and can let go of burdens you had been holding on to for so long.

Baring oneself to a stranger is less appealing than engaging in impulsive behaviors like shopping in order to provide a quick high to distract from inner turmoil and pain, but it is a worthy investment and what better way than with a licensed professional?

2. Nothing worthwhile in life happens overnight

As mentioned previously, therapy can seem unappealing to many because doing the difficult and messy work of unraveling your compacted emotions can be unpredictable and take a long time. But while using a drug or buying a new pair of clothes may be able to get you through the next moment, that which you do not deal with will certainly resurface later, perhaps at an inconvenient and unexpected time and place.

The work you would have to do is ultimately going to lead to a better and more fulfilling life, and while it could be difficult it is surely within your capabilities.

3. Happiness is not a selfish waste of time

Social conditioning and certain cultural outlooks falsely equate happiness with hedonistic pleasure and therefore stigmatize the quest for happiness as morally corrupt, selfish, wasteful, and anti-social. It is socially acceptable to spend lots of money on luxuries and entertainment but frowned upon to spend even a single cent on seeking therapy.

4. There is no shame in seeking help

Many people claim to believe this. However, seeking help continues to be associated with laziness, failure, or weakness, which prevents many people from doing it. The reality is that we are all humans, and anyone of any walk of life can need help from time to time, and there is no shame in taking it. In fact, it takes much self-awareness and courage to do so. Moments of weakness do not signify a weak character, but rather our fundamental humanity.

It can be hard to know where to begin. You can do a quick search for something like “bay area counseling” or “counseling in Orange County”. This way you can do some research beforehand and know what and who will be right for you.

5. It can work

Many people do not seek therapy because they cannot guarantee immediate and concrete results. This uncertainty makes it seem like a poor investment. Buying food and clothes gives that immediate boost that makes them worth the money at that moment, but it does not last beyond that. Therapy, on the other hand, while not always a clean-cut process, is a worthwhile investment that can have a lasting impact on your well-being that a food item or pair of clothes cannot.

Though there is not always a guarantee, failure to invest in your well-being can guarantee difficulty down the line. Furthermore, some can help you specifically target areas of interest to achieve outcomes in a reasonable time, with sessions being engaging and personally fulfilling rather than simply having more sessions with no end in sight.

If you are ready, therapy can be a life-changing tool to help you live the life you were meant to live. It can also be fun and affirming without being shameful and mundane. With licensed professionals throughout the country, the right therapy for you could be right nearby, be it bay area counseling or another. Professionals can work with your specific background and goals to help you today.

Contributed by Regina Thomas

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