How Face Masks Will Save Your Life

If you are wondering why health experts recommend the wearing of face masks, the answer is simple; face masks can save your life. According to the CDC, Covid-19, researchers have found that face masks contribute a lot in preventing the spread of the virus.

Why Should You Wear a Face Mask?

Soon after researchers discovered the coronavirus, masks were not recommendable as much as today. Health experts asked people to wear masks only when they were handling patients. You probably did not wear a mask often either.

However, things have changed now, and the rules on wearing face masks have changed. You are required to wear a face mask every time you are in a public place. The primary reason for this requirement is because the virus has spread rapidly in the past few months. This decision was reached after studies revealed that the disease could be spread through the air.

Also, contracting the virus now has become easy than it was before. Most patients that have contracted the virus are asymptomatic, meaning that you could contract the virus without knowing. Also, it is becoming easy to spread the virus to other people without knowing you had it in the first place.

However, you can prevent respiratory droplets from your body using a face mask. Also, a study by natural medicine has proven that face masks effectively mitigate the spread of COVID-19. That is the reason health experts are championing the use of face masks in public places.

How Do Face Masks Lower the Spread?

So, you are worried about how a face mask will save your life? Well, here are three ways that a face mask will save your life and those around you:

  • Trapping infected respiratory particles
    • The first way a face mask will save your life is by protecting you from infected individuals. You could contract the virus easily by inhaling respiratory particles carrying the virus. You can wear a face mask to trap such particles before they get through your mouth or nose.
  • Limiting hand to face contact
    • Another easy way you can contract the virus is by transporting infected particles using your hands. Touching contaminated surfaces and using unwashed hands to touch your nose or mouth will transfer the particles to your respiratory system. An ultra-light face mask creates a barrier to prevent the transfer.
  • Keeping others safe
    • A face mask is also useful in protecting others if you already contracted the virus. You can trap your respiratory particles whenever you sneeze using the face mask. That helps to decrease the infection spread to your family and friends.

Fitting Your Face Mask Properly

A face mask alone is not enough to save your life; wearing it the right way is. Therefore, you need to make sure you have fitted your mask correctly, especially if it is home-made. Follow these tips to ensure the mask serves its purpose well.

  • Ensure you make two layers for your mask
  • Make sure that you regularly wash your face mask
  • Add snugging ear lops that that will keep you comfortable

How Should You Clean Your Mask?

As mentioned earlier, a face mask will be a lifesaver if you use it the right way. One of the requirements of using face masks is disposing it or washing it after use. It would be best if you did that as soon as you feel that you have gone out many times and your mask could be dirty.

Without proper cleaning, your face mask may also be a medium of spreading the virus. Therefore, the best thing to do is treating your face mask as other clothing. You can wash the mask together with other clothing in the washing machine if it is washable.

Otherwise, you can replace your mask and carefully dispose of the used one. Also, the best thing about face masks is that you can make your own. There are various things that you can change into face masks, including bandanas and handkerchief. You need to ensure that the mask has two layers as mentioned earlier and adequately covers your face.

Masks have proved to be effective control of the virus spread. However, you have to follow proper directions when using your face masks. Otherwise, you may be at the same risk of contracting the virus as someone who is not wearing a mask. A face mask can save your life if you follow the tips in this article.

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