5 Cool Sports to Consider Getting Into In your 20’s

It’s never too late to start becoming more physically active, and there are certain sports that you can start doing in your 20s if you’re looking for a fun way to improve your fitness. You might even be able to participate in some of these sports for many years so that you can stay in good shape well into your golden years. Here are five cool sports to consider getting into in your 20s.


This less-intensive alternative to baseball involves using a bat to hit a ball that’s typically thrown at slower speeds to make hitting it easier for players. The risk of getting injured from balls that are thrown at high speeds will be lower than in baseball, and you can experience the joy of hitting a home run or making it to your next base when playing softball. This game also encourages teamwork and can be a great social activity if you’re wanting to make new friends. Adult softball leagues often seek new players who are at beginner or advanced levels, which means that you can play on a team with other players who have similar abilities.


Swimming is one of the easiest physical activities on bones and joints because of its low-impact nature, which can be especially good when you reach your older years. As Seeker.com explains, the water that you’ll be in while swimming provides natural resistance that can help build and tone muscles while improving cardiovascular functioning. Swimming can be done in a public or private pool as well as in a lake, a river, or the ocean. If you want to become a competitive swimmer in your 20s and compete against other adults who are at a non-Olympic level, you can find swim meets with races that are divided by age group. In addition to swimming, you can try aqua aerobics if you want to enjoy a good aerobics workout in the water.


Riding a bike isn’t just for kids or top-level competitive cyclists, and it’s still possible to learn to ride a bike in your 20s if you don’t already know how. With a sturdy bicycle and the proper safety gear, you can go cycling through public parks or alongside safe roads near where you live. Cycling is also a great activity to do at the beach or while traversing through mountain trails. You may even be able to find a cycling meetup group in your area if you want to go riding with other avid cyclists. In addition to a bike, a helmet, and other safety gear, it’s a good idea to have some spare bike tires, chains, and other equipment if you ever need to replace any parts on your bicycle.


Learning to play tennis in your 20s can help you improve your aerobic fitness and sharpen your hand-eye coordination along with your mental focus. Tennis can be played on both indoor and outdoor courts and on different types of surfaces. There are men’s and women’s adult tennis leagues that hold national tournaments where players can be competitive in a friendly atmosphere. During those times when you don’t have another player to play a game with, you can still practice your skills by hitting a ball against a wall with your racquet or hitting balls that are propelled from a tennis ball machine.

Ice Skating

Even ice skating can be taken up in your 20s, and this activity offers you a great way to improve your balance and cardiovascular fitness. You can enroll in a learn-to-skate class at a local ice rink and learn basic skating skills such as forward stroking, crossovers and the correct ways to stop. Once you’ve learned these basic skills, you can try different ice skating sports if you want to challenge yourself further. There are many adult hockey leagues that hold regular tournaments and feature older and younger adult players. If you’re interested in racing on the ice, you can enter speed skating competitions that have adult age divisions. It’s even possible to learn how to figure skate as an adult, and you can eventually take figure skating tests and compete at national and international competitions without having to do the advanced skills that you’d see from Olympic-level skaters.

These sports prove that you can learn a new game even in your 20s. Whether you want to improve your physical fitness or social life, these sports can help enhance your lifestyle in many ways as an adult.

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