What are Things to do When Visiting Southern California?

Southern California has some amazing attractions. You really have limitless ideas when it comes to your options. And whether you have been there before or not, or your a tourist or California resident, you should consider some of the most popular ideas.

You should check out these five things you can do when visiting Southern California.

1. Visit Disney Land

In 1955 Walt Disney first welcomed the world to this popular attraction in Anaheim, California. Over the decades, this tourist hotspot has grown to offer even more amenities and features, and you will definitely enjoy all that the park has to offer.

Be sure to check out the iconic Sleeping Beauty Castle and meet all of your favorite Disney characters. Get ready to be thrilled with newer attractions like Toy Story Land and Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, too. And if you get tired of being on your feet or need a break from the amazing rides, you can enjoy bars, restaurants, and spas.

2. Spend the Day in Venice Beach

Venice Beach is so unique, and when you visit it’s like entering a whole new world. Along the stretch, you can choose to take in the beach and the Pacific Ocean in all kinds of fun ways. You can rent a bicycle or roller blades, or you can just take time to enjoy a nice walk.

While you are out and about exploring the beach, you will come across the well-known Muscle Beach, talented street vendor artists, musicians, and numerous restaurants and retailers that call Venice Beach home. If you somehow, although not likely, run out of things to do, you can walk to nearby Santa Monica Pier in a matter of minutes to keep enjoying even more beachside activities.

3. Head to the San Diego Zoo

Often considered the number one zoo in the world, San Diego Zoo is a great destination to think about visiting. Situated in Balboa Park, you will have up-close access to more than 3,500 animals. Whether you want to seek out fun on your own or take part in organized tours and educational demonstrations, you will be in for a memorable experience.

But it is not just the up-close access to the animals that make this park such a hit. You can kick back and take in a movie at the park’s 4D movie theater, and you also visit any of the park’s four botanical gardens.

4. Explore Joshua Tree National Park

If you have not ever been to Joshua Tree National Park, then you should check it out. You have amazing access to incredible campsites, and you can take in a very unique dessert layout. The park is full of interesting rock formations that provide opportunities for recreation. And you have plenty of ways to simply zone out, too.

For those of you that want to be active, you have hiking trails suited for all skill levels. And when it comes to the uncommon, you are sure to find one of a kind attractions at this national park. Some of your most popular options are the Institute of Mental Physics, Smith’s Ranch, and The Integration. Whether you are seeking one of the park’s more traditional features or any of the unusual newer additions, you are sure to enjoy your experience.

5. White Water Kayaking

You might not associate Southern Califonia with white water adventure, but you can definitely find it in the area. And you should head to Kenville if you want to experience the best white water kayaking in southern California. Even if you are inexperienced at the sport, you can book lessons to help you quickly master the basics.

Kernville is a small town on the edge of the Sequoia National Forest, and you can reach it in under three hours by a car heading north from Los Angeles. Once you are there, you have one-time excursions, day trips and trips spanning several days from which you can choose.

Five Great Options

When it comes down to it, you really do have some incredible options. And you might now want to schedule in a way to enjoy one or more of the ideas above. Whichever destination(s) you choose to visit, you are sure to have a great time.

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