5 Ways to Afford a Spa Weekend

Mental health and self-care are major parts of the ongoing conversation surrounding wellness. While there’s more to self-care than massages and facials, they’re really nice treatments that have tons of benefits. This is why it’s great to enjoy a spa weekend. There are plenty of people who assume that they can’t afford to enjoy a luxurious spa weekend. However, with a little creativity and these five tips, you definitely can.

1. Create a side hustle to fund the weekend.

If you’re a person who knows how to make one dollar stretch, you can create a side hustle to fund your weekend. Visit a few thrift stores to purchase inexpensive items. Flip them for a profit on eBay or Poshmark. As you make sales, put it into a separate savings account that you’ll use for your weekend. You can also advertise your services for anything from babysitting to grocery delivery.

2. Trim the budget.

Sometimes, it’s really a matter of taking a close look at your budget to see where you can trim your spending. This might mean that you need to switch grocery stores to enjoy cheaper prices. This might mean that you and your family can watch movies at home instead of enjoying the movie theater every weekend. If you’re frivolously buying food from fast food restaurants, it’s time to cook your food at home. That will save tons of money. Those funds can go to the spa weekend line item. Then, once you trim your budget, you might see that you’ll have even more financial margin to invest and accomplish other financial goals.

3. Look out for discounts, coupons and specials.

If you have your eye on a specific spa, like a Bozeman spa, join their email list. As you join the email list of various spas in the area, you can learn about any potential discounts, coupons or upcoming specials they’re running. It’s not uncommon for some spas to offer different discounts to service workers such as teachers, nurses and police officers. If you’re in the military, ask about a military discount. Some spas routinely offer those discounts on specific days of each month. It never hurts to ask.

4. Become a brand ambassador/affiliate.

If you’re someone who is an avid lover of social media, you’ll know that brand ambassadors and influencers truly do a lot for the beauty industry. Consider becoming a brand ambassador for some of the brands you really enjoy. When it pertains to spas, some offer free or discounted services in exchange for visibility and promotion on your platform. While the number of followers will help you make a good case for a partnership, don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t work out the first time. Work on building a presence on the internet. When you’re connected to a lot of people who are interested in all you have to offer, you’ll create a better case for a brand partnership with a specific spa. This same concept applies to other brands in the fitness, cooking and fashion industries as well.

5. Create your own weekend until you can afford a professional one.

When money is tight, it’s okay to hunker down and tighten up your spending until you can actually afford a spa weekend. However, you can always create a spa weekend at home in the meantime. Instead of getting your monthly manicure, do your nails at home. Put the manicure money towards the spa weekend you’ll eventually book. While you’re at home, set aside time to do face masks, hair masks and more. Bath bombs are relatively inexpensive. Run yourself a warm bath as you light a few candles to create ambiance. Set the mood with soft music, delicious snacks and a great book. Work your way up to the professional spa treatments by treating yourself at home as you save the money.

Once you come home from your first spa weekend and experience the benefits, don’t be surprised if you become more inspired to find ways to really cultivate more spa weekends that fit into your budget. After all, life has its share of ups and downs. You deserve the self-care of a great spa weekend to bring some tranquility and relaxation into your life.

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