How to Prevent Foot Pain and Problems

We spend our days on our feet. From getting up in the mornings and making breakfast, to working, and running around town to pick the kids up from school and do daily errands, our feet are constantly in motion and under pressure. So, foot pain may happen anytime and to anyone and some research actually shows that the majority of the population experiences foot problems at some stage of their life. However, the good news is that there are many ways in which foot pain can be prevented. Here are some of them.

Pay attention to your weightphoto-1559824019-b2562518cb48

Our feet carry the weight of our whole body, and the more weight we have, the feet are under greater pressure. That is why it is extremely important to keep a healthy weight in order to prevent any foot problems. If you are thinking that your feet will only feel the consequences if you gain a considerable amount of weight, you may be surprised to hear that even an increase of about twenty pounds can cause foot pain. That is why it is best to have a healthy lifestyle, some sort of physical exercise, which will have many benefits for your body and a proper diet.

Wear shoes that fit you properly

Oftentimes, we are not aware that our shoes don’t really fit us. We think that our feet are a bit squeezed in just because the shoes are brand new and not because they are too small. Another thing important to be mentioned: when was the last time you had your feet measured? If you have been wearing the same shoe size for ten or twenty years, it is time to get your feet measured again. Once you find out what your perfect size is, shop for roomy and comfortable shoes. Get yourself a pair of high-quality men’s Birkenstocks and enjoy having a walk in these classic and versatile sandals. In addition, find a pair of comfy and roomy sneakers, that you can wear while exercising or for when going around town.

Check and moisturize your feet every dayphoto-1507070491081-c86dc15d6e12

Blisters, small bruises, or cracked skin can happen often and they can become the causes of some foot problems. Make sure to examine your feet daily, preferably in the evenings and as soon as you notice any unusual changes, react. After you are done with inspecting your feet, make sure to moisture them.  A nourishing lotion can help with cracked skin and thus prevent any infections. Also, hydrated skin will make your feet feel soft and they will look quite nice in sandals.

Trim your toenails

It is essential to trim your toenails, not only in order for your feet to be beautiful, but also to avoid any foot pain. After you get out of the shower or a bath, your nails will be softer and easier to cut. Make sure that your nail scissors are clean and sharp and also, do not cut the corner of your nails round to match the toe shape. By cutting your toenails straight, you will prevent ingrown nails, which can trigger a lot of unpleasant pain.

Exercises for your feet

Besides your regular exercising activities, you should also devote time to stretching and strengthening your feet and ankles specifically. By doing this type of activity regularly, you will start to notice less foot pain, as it will become easier for your stronger muscles to support you. In addition, greater flexibility means less pain and greater endurance, whether it is walking, running, or simply standing for a long period of time on your feet.


Finally, we can conclude that foot problems happen to the majority of us. Although they can be quite unpleasant and painful, these effective ways can not only help you with the existing foot pain but also help prevent the problems from coming back.

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