A Fabulous Post-Party Detox Regime

Summer is filled with events and parties. These are wonderful opportunities to connect with friends and family. They also lead to over-indulgence. You need an internal and external detox regime to quickly recover and stay healthy.

My Sweetheart and I just returned from celebrating my son’s wedding. It was a super time. It was a little stressing as most weddings are. The best part was to connect with our friends and family who attended.

It started with a pre-wedding day party that we hosted in our hotel room. The wine, beer, and liquor flowed. Lots of food was eaten. Great conversations were struck.

The next day was the wedding that was met with great anticipation. The bridal dress that my Sweetheart altered was perfect. I made it through performing the ceremony without a total breakdown. And the reception was perfect with a few surprise presentations. A truly perfect wedding day.

The next day we relaxed and cleaned-up. We had a private time with my son and now new daughter. We played a board game, sat in the hot tub, drank more wine and ate more food.

We finally made it home on the fourth day. Of course we needed to clean the house and return to our regular life. Party’s over and I am exhausted.

This is when we all need to pay a little attention to our bodies. We need to replenish and renew our bodies to get ready for the next adventure.

Internal Detox

With the amount of (probably not so healthy) food ingested, it is time for a little cleansing. For this I use the Arbonne 7-Day Body Cleanse to re-establish my inner gut.

Click on image for more information

Too much alcohol consumption will dehydrate you and deplete you of essential minerals such as magnesium and potassium. So I kept a steady supply of Arbonne Phytosport Complete Hydration on-hand during the whole event and afterwards.

Click on image for more information

EXTernal detox

Our bodies get rid of toxins through four means: urine, feces, breath, and skin. The internal detox regime will support the elimination through urine, feces, and breath. To support the skin, the Arbonne Rescue and Renew regime is superb in this. It is a combination of face mask and bath products to help cleanse, aid the skin, and give you time for a little pampering after a hectic time like a wedding.

Click on image for overview video of the Rescue & Renew detox regime

Now I feel ready to get back to work on Monday!

If you are curious about any of these fabulous products that bring the best of nature and safest of science then contact me or visit my store.

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