Are You A Person Of Love, Knowledge And Action or A Puppet?

humanEvery one of us is unique. We are born alone and we die alone, but to live alone we cannot. It is only through love and life that we create an existence of no lonely hearts.

We are born, we grow up, we live, we learn, we create, we get married, we have families, we work, and we become a part of communities that determine our essence and our individuality. We fight with our doubts so we can reach consciousness and faith in something. A faith, a drive for life that helps us feel safe and secure, that makes us feel calm and ready for the next step in life.

According to Charles Peirce, the founder of American pragmatism, science can evolve without an end and to continue to develop thanks to the safety that a man achieves in a state of doubt.

So how can we interpret what humankind is? The humankind is unique of itself.

Indeed, human curiosity is so powerful that turns everything to an illuminating light. Pursuit of human knowledge is ineradicable even when there are fatal moments.

The consequences of one’s desire may be fatal at times, but choosing them is solely based on individuality and decisions being made. Every one of us decides for his or her life, although more or less he or she can be chained in the life of one’s social environment.

While some knowledge quiets our souls, other touches us like fire and throws our minds as we are faced with disturbing torture. The thing is that some of us know the reasons behind it and others don’t. Our position depends on the threshold of our linguistic competence, and social and cultural status. How big is the limit of your interpretations? Do you manage to perceive, interpret correctly and accurately the meaning of certain events and facts in your life?

What is your objective in life — is it to be a person of knowledge, which helps you become a person of action or is it to be a person who is completely managed as a puppet?

This is the question. This is your choice. This is the identity of each human subject. How do you see yourself, how do you perceive yourself, how do you grow yourself, how do you implement what you have learned, how do you live? What is your value scale? Where are you aiming to go, with whom and how, how do you want to prepare yourself for life?

Whether you choose to entirely obey foreign bonds and chains of life, or you try to at least forge your own to provide yourself with freedom of existence and interpretation, that is up to you.

The future is a value whose absorption is required by you and your activities today to prepare you to wake up to a new day with the intention to continue to progress and to succeed.

So tomorrow you are not just a hope, not just a dream, but an implementation of daily accumulated knowledge and skills, so you can grow and continue learning more, as they give you confidence that you will progress and move forward.

We use knowledge and skills to act more accurately, to make fewer mistakes, and to become more focused and progress more and more.

These are the passages through which our identity develops. Any transitions through which our knowledge is advancing, in its normal course, is called interpretation of our life. Its boundaries are determined by what life and social experiences one has.

It depends also on the “sign” system of life; those signs are the types of characteristics that a person perceives based on his or her life. Our identity and its interpretation are bound by psychological mechanisms that underlie the processes of symbolic processing of the human brain. Through these characteristics we come to know reality and we can perceive it with our senses. These “signs” define the limits of our thoughts and intellect; we are what they enable us to be.

According to Charles Peirce ultimately we are not what we think of these characteristics, but as what they think of us.

Our thresholds are determined by our linguistic competences, cultural and social experiences, and one can overcome them; only if he or she has a desire for development and improvement, to enrich his or her own character and intelligence.

Who are you and what you want to be? Thousands of people ask these questions and wait for an answer, so they can begin to make decisions. Perhaps I’d do the same if I were faced with the unknown. In the unfamiliar for us situations we are startled, we look for the easy and familiar, which gives us the security we need. Why do we have to run away from the unknown? Why don’t we go into the battlefield of life? Why don’t we follow the courageous characters of so many fairytales, the ones that always look for the good and are willing to do anything to find it?

Is it because of our environment, our social status being determined by external factors, which we want or do not want — the ones that shackle us, the ones that keep us chained and don’t allow us to leave, or perhaps we choose not to leave. A child’s soul is as pure as a diamond, which shines, dances, sings along with the courageous characters and equates him or herself with them, and dreams like them, but only because it is surrounded with the love and protections of parents and relatives.

Yet, once that protection is broken and removed, when a child begins to build his or her own personality, his or her “I,” when he or she enters the “general” life on his or her own, the magic is somehow no longer there. In the front end, a child fights for success and prosperity, a struggle which can be at times very cruel and is led by every human, a human with individual potential, based on knowledge.

Why are we afraid? Ignorance binds us and stops us from moving forward, to search for life, to be open-minded and to believe in ourselves. Ignorance, ignorance of some aspect of life is like a three-headed dragon against which we must fight the forces — without a magical sword.

We will be able to do so only when we are educated and are able to develop and successfully interpret the new environments of life by building a personality capable of competing with all of the innovations, progress and challenges in all areas of life.

What do we call the people walking in front of us? People who aim to be individuals of growth and development and a bigger desire for a better life?

These are the leaders who are not afraid to come forward to assert and prove what they believe in. These are the leaders who are not afraid to step forward and engage in political struggle for the betterment of humanity. They are always on “runner’s high” because they want it so bad not just for themselves but for the entire world.

This is necessary for an era in which people live with pride that they make the world with knowledge and from knowledge. To be a master of one’s life, an individual must know him or herself.

People with such knowledge obtain it only with personal desire and hard work. Knowledge is free, independent, and self-determining. Such people have knowledge but also consciousness and critical thinking, an ability to use knowledge properly.

Originally appeared in Thrive-Global

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