Save the date and spread happiness with flowers

According to a study from Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, the presence of flowers triggers happy emotions, heightens feelings of life satisfaction, and affects social behaviours in a positive manner. On Thursday, July 21, Pick Ontario will put a smile on the faces of Torontonians, as they turn Yonge-Dundas Square into a beautiful floral haven.


PickOntario will recreate their ‘Happiness in Bloom’ event, building on their great success at Union Station last December. 

“Last year, we gave busy commuters at Toronto’s Union Station two complimentary flowers— one to brighten their day, and one to give to a friend, a colleague, or a total stranger,” says Dejan Kristan, Marketing Director at Pick Ontario. “We want to recreate that wave of contagious smiles, awe, and gratitude at such a simple gesture.”

By sticking to their ‘pay-it-forward’ idea, pickOntario will take this event to a whole new level and give Torontonians the full ‘Happiness in Bloom’ experience this summer.

Happiness in Bloom will include:

–          A Flower Wall: A 10×010 Floral Art Installation made up of fresh Ontario flowers.

–          A Flower Tag Station: Where guests will be invited to write a personalized message on the tag of the flower they will be giving away that same day.

–          A Flower Crown Bar: Where a flower expert will be available to assist guests as they create their personalized flower crowns.

–          A Social Photo Print Station: A custom photo experience for participants to share online. Guests who post their photos to Instagram or Twitter will receive an instant 4×6 printed copy of their image.

“Torontonians carry-out such hectic lives and we think they deserve this simple, yet thoughtful gift,” adds Dejan. “This is a fantastic opportunity for them to take a break and join us in spreading happiness, while admiring the beauty of fresh, Ontario grown flowers.”

PickOntario encourages Toronto and surrounding areas to ‘Save the Date’ and participate in Happiness in Bloom. 

For more information, please visit Follow @pickOntario on Twitter and Instagram, and like them on Facebook.

About pickOntario

Pick Ontario is a government funded initiative developed by Flowers Canada (Ontario) Ltd. to raise awareness, interest and demand for Ontario-grown cut flowers and potted plants. When you Pick Ontario, you are supporting the more than 200 greenhouse farmers who employ approximately 9,000 people in our province. The growers in Ontario work hard to produce quality flowers and use the latest trends in technology and growing techniques to ensure their products are delivered fresh to local retail establishments, daily.


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