US Ahead in Researching Medical Uses of Marijuana

Traveling through Colorado last year, I saw lots of “Dispensaries” who sell marijuana in many forms. The Canadian government is on the verge of legalizing marijuana sales. Yet it lags in the lessons learnt from the Colorado experience.

Recently, scores of Toronto marijuana dispensaries were raided and owners charged for illegal marijuana distribution. The owners’ argument is that marijuana will be made legal soon anyway so why wait. The police are responsible to enforce what is currently on the books.

A radio guest predicted that Wave 2 will happen… more dispensaries will open. In fact, last week when I was in Toronto, I saw more of them.


Meanwhile in Colorado, WanaCapsxr, a family of extended release Cannabis capsules that provide medicinal benefits for up to 12 hours, is marking one year on the market with numerous metrics of successes.  Wana Brands and Cannabics Pharmaceuticals developed the extended release formulation that allows patients to dose once or twice daily without the constant need to re-dose. WanaCapsxr are available in over 450 of the 500 Colorado dispensaries.

The world’s first extended release Cannabis capsules are poised to launch in new markets including Nevada and Oregon, with plans for entering new domestic and international markets over the next decade. WanaCapsxr addresses the desire by some states, such as Florida and New York, to have their medicine look like medicine. Wana Brands has also launched a High-CBD adult-use option, meaning “over-the-counter” access for consumers who do not have a medical marijuana license, and offering stable, convenient and discrete dosing alternative without psychoactive effects.

“The patient testimonials we receive validate everything Wana Brands and Cannabics envisioned for WanaCapxr,” said Nancy Whiteman, co-owner of Wana Brands. “Over the past year, we have seen WanaCapxr change many patients’ lives for the better. When taking the capsules, they see a significant amount of pain reduction without having to dose every few hours. The capsules also address one of the major concerns of Cannabis patients, which is that the initial high peak of cannabinoid activity soon after administration can cause uncomfortable side effects such as disorientation and dizziness.”

Wana Brands and Cannabics Pharmaceuticals are constantly exploring how to advance the science behind the medical Cannabis market for those who need it most. Cannabics is currently conducting a clinical study for cancer patients using the extended release capsules that will study the capsules’ efficacy. This clinical study involves patients with advanced cancer examining weight gain, appetite, quality of life and a marker for anti-cancer activity, and examines the influence of the capsules on both of these common effects of cancer and cancer treatment.

The sad truth is that medical science is lagging in research into what dosages and varieties of marijuana can help specific maladies. This is partly because it was not permitted to research on “illegal” drugs. Finally, these barriers in Canada will be eliminated and clinical trials can begin. The initiatives by Wana Brands and Cannabics Pharmaceuticals are to be applauded as advancing cannabis science. It is hoped that the Canadian government is observing the fast changing trends in Colorado in the crafting of the upcoming marijuana laws.

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